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  1. Hey Boss. Just to let you know. I got another 7900 (after what seemed like ages, and am now using my new rig. Everything runs fine. Guess sometimes it just takes a lot of RMAing to figure stuff out. Ironicly I just got a bad lot, considering I know my original GEIL memory was bad (one stick) AND my videocard was bad. Annoyingly EVGA kept saying it was the motherboard even though they KNEW their 7900 series cards had problems. They claimed that because I had artificing at POST was their reasoning for blaming the MB over the video card. Well I bitched enough to get my RMA, got the new card back, and its never run better. RESOLVED.
  2. Well, if youve tried all the minimum things to get it to work, just send the MB in and see what happens, no mirical cure is going to fix a broke MB, might as well ship it now and not waste time.
  3. Hrmm.. maybe something is wrong then, send it in to DFI and have em look at it IMO. I know it sucks (ive done 3 rmas this month) but thats life man.
  4. Ok, good news, after two days of taking it apart in my spare time, and soldering (shudder those pins on the MB are soooo smal) I finally got it all put on and then re-assembled. Annnnnnnd... IT WORKS LIKE NEW AGAIN!! Well, sorta, I think the battery is toast. Ive had it turned on and trying to charge it, but it just stays at 0%. But at least I can use the AC Adapter for now, and just get a new battery. Anyway its been fun, I'll see how it goes in a day or so for charging, then order a battery.
  5. Hey, uh, check to make sure you installed the switches right, then check the actual switches on your case.
  6. Well, the fact that it booted out of the case makes me think your MB is fine. Unless you did something unfortunate to it while re-mounting it. Are you sure nothing is shorting out when you mount it in the case? Loose screw or anything? Because if it works on a test bench but not in the case thats kinda odd.
  7. Well, here is the deal from what Ive researched with the 7900s. The 7900 GTX had memory issues with cheap samsung memory. The 7900 GTO which is what I have is sort of a re-release of the 7900 GTX with lower clocked memory that should have fixed that issue. Apparrently it did not, even though when I called them before ordering the assured me it wasnt an issue anymore. Its all cool though, I got my rant on at their forum about misleading customers with faulty information. I sent my card in for RMA earlier this week, probably wont get it back till next week.
  8. I used to drive a white restored 58 chevy Impala... it was a nice car, until some dirty tramp ran into me with her SUV going like 60. Well, after the Lawsuit I managed to pay off my medical bills and have enough money left over for a 1974 Elcamino SS (sorta, wasnt a true SS, but had a 400 SB and the front end, along with crest) camelion blue. After gas prices rose, I sold that off and picked up a nice 2003 neon. It works i guess.
  9. Well, seeing as I make decent money doing computer repairs, I decided to take on this task (ironicly I cant seem to fix my own rig, but i do just fine with others). Boy, I should have known that fixing a power jack on a notebook would be a pain. You basicaly have to take everything apart to get to the damn thing. Anyway, ordered the part, should get it this week. Then on to soldering. You know the funny thing is I enjoy doing this, to bad it isnt a fulltime job. Its annoying that bestbuy wouldnt hire me fulltime when i can run circles around their "geeks" repair wise. Hell I doubt they would even replace a power jack, probably just make the customer get a whole motherboard. Lazy smucks =(
  10. Well, i wasnt posting it specificaly for myself, but for others whom use them. When i am not gaming i tend to leave it on stock settings so i figure it is worthwhile.
  11. http://support.microsoft.com/?id=896256 Found this today, and thought I would pass it along, since I havent seen it except that a IT friend of mine recommended it before RMAing my card. Its a hot fix that is suppose to fix "Without these updates, computers that are equipped with these power management-capable, mobile, dual-core processors may experience decreased performance or unexpected behavior." Of course unexpected behavior meaning crashes, just saying it in a nice way... "Because Windows XP was not originally designed to support performance states on multiprocessor configurations, changes are required to correctly realize this support on multiprocessor systems. Windows XP Service Pack 2 includes the required changes to the kernel power manager. These changes make sure that Windows XP correctly functions on multiprocessor systems with processor performance states." Which is true i suppose. If you look at what it fixes in detail, it says some stuff about kernal crashes due to C2D Which is funny because I seem to remember checking my error log after a few of my crashes and noticing it said the kernal crashed.. Im not getting my hopes up, but I am going to give it a try, and delay my enevitable RMA a little bit longer.. A half working computer is still better than no computer at all IMO.
  12. You know.. You should just wait until after xmas for the Geforce 8800's, the price is insanely inflated right now, and I bet they drop a bit after the holidays.
  13. well its like you said 90% of the time it isnt the motherboard. After I RMA the graphics card, if it isnt fixed I will send in the motherboard to DFI to have it checked out. I dont have a spare to check it with. all my old MB were AGP so no luck with any swapping. Now if DFI wants to send me a sample board to check I would but I dont think it works that way =P The more I think about it though, it very well could be the MB, like I originally thought. I guess we will find out after the GPU gets RMA'd huh? In a way its alright because maybe I can get a refund in a few weeks from newegg and just get the Lanparty version of the DFI C2D board.
  14. Ok, so continuing on... here is my rather odd random issues. Stock and no overclocks. Random Lockups. Its like, out of the blue, in windows, just idling att he desktop, the computer goes into lockup. Not even like BSOD or anything, just blank screen, but the system is still running... I just get no signal on the monitor but i think its frozen because i have checked the system log on reboot to see when the last "things" where proccessed and it was like pretty much a long time ago. Meaning sometime overnight it had locked up. Random Graphical Freakouts. Now these are really weird. Sometimes it happens in windows, sometimes in games, but the graphics get this weird butt tile/line effect and everything locks up. Have to reboot from a cold bootup. Both of these problems are completely random, sometimes it happens once a day, or like recently, its been 4 days and its been running fine the whole time, not shutoff. I have had no louck repeating the problem, the system log shows no errors other than some net ones having to do with my wacko linksys setup that keeps getting conflicting IP addresses and poor ISP who goes down all the time. ANyhoo... ive about given this one up, I am about to RMA the graphics card now, but honestly, I dont think that is the problem, I just have a gut feeling its gonna be a waste of time. Ive alreaded replaced the ram and PSU (Twice) so im running out of options. Any help please?
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