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  1. Hi I have been setting up a adsl wireless router and when it is plugged into the network socket and reboots it is very slow at a point where it is doing something/looking for something and can't find it, possibley with a mac address. Looked in the bios for the network options and I can't seem to find much on it other than the on off bit. I'm a bit vague but will add more detail as and when i can. Thanks It seems to be taking it's time on the DHCP and or client mac address. Any clues as to whats up and how to fix, is it the router, guessing it is.
  2. For the case i use a Silverstone Sugo. Not an overclocker so cant answer the other bits. Lots of space and takes a full size atx psu.
  3. I have 2x1 Geil Value ram in mine with no issues.
  4. I've seen people mention they have them clocked slightly. I don't, as i have a 7800GT plugged into it.
  5. Had an Infinity RS482 for a month now and had no problems with it. Was running Oblivion on it last week flawlessly, obviously with a graphics card and not onboard.
  6. It isn't the drivers, windows is seeing two drives because they are not raided, did you format them at some point ? Why do you ant raid anyay, not worth the risk?
  7. Have you created the raid array in the bios. Not sure if it is the mobo bios ? Then you will need the sata raid floppy at the F6 screen when it asks for another drivers required. Only had this board a couple of weeks and only got my setup going at the weekend so not fully up to speed on it.
  8. Ok wasn't sure, got my old 7800GT any way. roll on delivery of the case. Can put it all together.
  9. Can you use the Omega drivers for the graphics chip on this board ? :confused: Would be interesting to see what effect it had if any on performance.
  10. I have an Infinity RS482 that i haven't setup yet and was wondering, would it be a good idea to remove the heatsinks of the chipsets, clean them with Akasa TIM clean and then apply some Arctic Silver 5 to them before installing this board in a Silverstone Sugo ?
  11. Has anyone given up and bought an addon controller card instead ? I haven't even got my board out of the box yet, still waiting for memory and case to turn up, and i am wishing i had bought a board with a chipset from the darkside.
  12. Hi never heard of the Ultra MicroFly, do they sell them in the UK and have you any pics ? Also hope to put a Pioneer DVR111 in it instead of two optical drives. Whats the chance of cooling with an Arctic Freezer 64 Pro or a Zalman 7000, guessing little to none, I do have the AMD heatpipe heatsinks if i have to use one of them.
  13. Hi, I just got one of these boards and i'm trying to find a suitable case for it. I can easily put it in an atx case, but that defeats the purpose of having a matx board. I want something thats easy to carry to my mates for lan. Been looking at the Silverstone Sugo or Antec Aria.
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