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  1. No loose connection... I tried using the motherboard/CPU cables on the bottom row, and it wouldn't even post. Yes.. The other drives powered down as soon as the connector came off the raptor. Well that sucks! No pop here though. I'm hoping the new PSU will work well. The Enermax worked perfectly until this..
  2. Is it possible to partially burn out a power supply? I ask this because after tinkering with the computer all weekend, and doing everything i could think of, I set it all back the way it was, and moved the connector on my power supply. And now it works perfectly. ?! I have a new power supply on the way, but I just thought I'd let you guys know what I found.
  3. I did the WD Diag, and after about 10 - 15 minutes of being stuck on this screen: This screen comes up. It says Drive not ready.. But it recognizes the drive in BIOS and this utility. I'm lost here... I tried the Raptor in my computer here at work this morning, and everything is fine! Works perfectly. edit: I ran it for 1.5 hrs last night, no problems.
  4. ok guys, I apologize for my stupidity. Last night I apparently didn't read the directions closely enough. I will try and make it home on my lunch break and try that out. Thanks for your help and patience!
  5. Ok, well I downloaded the rar file, and tried to extract the ISO file using winrar.. It popped up 2 errors and won't extract file. so i deleted original d/l, and try again. same thing. Is it possible for someone to host the ISO file? Maybe I'm retarded, but i don't see why it needs to be in RAR format anyway... Any suggestions are welcome!
  6. I did that with the 80GB. Same message. tasr, I will try that tonight when I get off work. Thanks for the help guys!
  7. first off, I'm running XP Professional.. Well I was until this happened.. I was taking the side of my case off while system was running. (I know, bad idea) I accidentally pulled the power cable off of my hard drive, causing the system to crash. After disconnecting the power supply and reconnecting the molex connector, I turned it back on. I was greeted by this message: DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER. So I figured I had corrupted some data on my hard drive. Turned it off, then restarted with my XP Pro cd in the computer. I reformatted the hard drive, installed windows, etc.. Everything was working great. I installed my mobo drivers, then was prompted to restart. So I restarted it, and was once again greeted with the DISK BOOT FAILURE message.. My first thought was that my boot configuration was causing it to try and load Windows from my 300GB storage drive, so I checked my CMOS settings.. No, everything was right.. I have my first boot device set as a hard drive, and my 36GB Raptor is set as the first boot drive. So my question is, what the heck did I destroy? Is it the SATA controller on the motherboard? I thought maybe I had permanently damaged the HD, so I put in an old 80GB SATA drive(that I know is good), formatted, and loaded windows. SAME error message on restart.. Any ideas?
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