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  1. Sorry, I'm not understand that part. :confused:
  2. Hi MalibuSS, I've just disabled it in my BIOS. It was defaulted to 50%. So when it reaches a certain temperature, it will throttle to only half the CPU power? I'm also having trouble setting the FSB at 240 and 241. When this happens, this would kill my wireless connection - it's a PCI Linksys Wireless card. I've read that the DFI NF4 board automatically locks the PCI bus to prevent such problems? It's fine at 239 FSB and seemed to also boot fine at 246MHz. Will run some game tests to see if the throttling has stopped.
  3. With the current settings above, I was getting pretty bad framerates, the FPS would suddenly go down during a game of Counter Strike Source... This was at the following setting: Multi = 11x FSB = 239MHz CPU = 2.6GHz Divider = 5/6 So I reverted everything back to stock, and ran 3DMark06 again and got a score of 1685 for the CPU @ 2.2GHz. Whereas the above @2.6GHz I was receiving ~1500. I can't see the logic, but is the CPU throttling or something? The FPS deterioration is extremely noticeable during gameplay.
  4. Hi h_Us3r, I've just noticed your sig. Are you running your X2 4400+ at 1:1 with your G.Skill HZ? I assume that HZ RAM will do 250MHz fine with a 11x multi (2.7GHz) at its stock timings?
  5. Hi, as title really... I'm trying to overclock my X2 4400+ with the G.Skill ZX (PC3200) RAM... its rated as DDR400. Currently my RAM fails to boot on the 9/10 divider when the multi is set at its default 11x and the FSB at 246MHz, which makes it 2.7GHz. It only sucessfully boots to Windows when I run it on a 5/6 divider... with stock timings of 2.0-3-2-5. I've tried slackening the timings to 2.5-3-3-8 on the 9/10 divider and it still fails to boot even with the FSB set to 240MHz (2.6GHz on the CPU)... My current setup is 2.6GHz with the FSB at 239MHz and the multi on 11x with stock timings of 2.0-3-2-5 and a 5/6 divider. Does this seem fine? Or would you recommend some faster RAM like the G.Skill HZ? Thanks.
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