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  1. good evening ladies and gents its been a long time now that im in college ive decided to finaly upgrade that POS of a comp i have i picked up a new proc on a whim the other day whille browsing a local shop for an LG super Multi DVD burner its a Intel Pentium 4 524 3.06Ghz HT EMT64 LG775 OEM boxed Proc picked it up for about 70 Canadian now my current set up is a POS lol its a 2.0Ghz Intel celeron 512mb ram (2x 256 pc3200) ATI 9800pro 128 and a set of 80Gig hdds western digital to be exact now i want a MOBO to go with this proc something that i can use all of the proc's goodies (EMT 64) and PCI-E not realy looking for SLI tho kuz i dont rele game much anymore i occasionaly play bf2142 but not verry often so recommend me some motherboards just remember newegg is out of the question as they do not ship to canada thx ur long lost folding comrade Cbass
  2. lol i was gonna say btw i have that one only its got a 40% seraton on the blade i have 3 other knives kabar tanto letherman multi tool and CRKT m16-14sf
  3. google is my home boy but i wanted ppls opinions on the case as well lol
  4. hello all its been a whille im looking at a TT armor for my new build. I was wondering if the case had a removable mobo tray and if any one has used said case and there opinions on it much thx -Cbass
  5. hey boys i need some help coming up with a program for my computer class i half to use PERL and cgi and incorporate loops and arrays my teacher sugested doing a checkout page system for a website but i think thats kinda boring i wana come up with some thing 1337 so i need sugestions boys anything goes boys just halfto be abled to complete it in under a week thx much
  6. casual shoes i have my perry ellis lofer/boots @ the gym i have my adidas A3's casual shoes i have a pair of globe chet 4's and i have an old pair of the same i ware for paintballing
  7. Cbass


    problem ripping video for ipod video i ripped the movie with dvdfab decryipter ( Black Hawk Down) then encoded it using videora problem is that it creats 1 MPEG-4 file for evey chapter. so is there away to make it one MPEG-4 file during encodeing if not is there a free program that i can use to merg all the files together thx much
  8. how big are ur movies generaly when u convert them maybe im doing some thing wrong but mine are 5Gigz+ what should my quality profile be set to with videora
  9. it would be nice if the SF had binoculars and could lazer designate target and for the fly boys to use this for bombing because how often do u actuly get a 2 seater jet and when u do nobody rides along as a bomber it makes me go "Hmm" aswell
  10. had the same problem with my 6600gt vivo 128mb it said the card was only 32mb it was running on a 4x agp slot found out i was running a bad verion of the firmware drivers so ya try updating
  11. Ok so im not pre 5XXX but im just over wOOt chalk one up for the old timers ps welcome back Ronin
  12. i joined because when id google anything harware related OCC was always in the top 5 and i wanted some advice on the overclockability of my celly then i started to read more about other things. and my knowledge on comuters gone up since. so far as assoon as one of my friends has a problem my phone rings (kinda gets annoying) btw i googled this place most of the time in my hs computer engineering class for answers for most of my progects in first year i heart OCC
  13. this blows each party has big flaws in my eyes i donno who im gonna vote for gad dang yay canada.... i mean nvm its no use
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