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  1. Last night i downloaded memtest and ran it with one set of memory i have samsung 3200 cas 2.5 2x512 and right away there were 165 errors within 2 minutes... so i am asuming that the ram is bad or is not compatibile with my mobo which is a dfi lanparty rdx200 ut crossfire... then i took out that ram and placed in my 2x512 of kingston 3200 cas3 and did the memtest over night, checked it this morning. there was a white flashing screen?? did that mean that the memory passed the test or failed? then after that i went ahead and ran it again for a 1:12 seconds and there were errors... then i rebooted and started again errors again... does the white flashing screen mean the ram is bad? and with both sets having errors does that mean the memory i have is not compatibile? which memory should i be looking for with my mobo? mobo: DFI LanParty ut rdx200 ati crossfire with ati chipset. thanks
  2. hmmm so it may be a card issue then.. im gonna call power color today and see what they have to say as well. anyone else??? thanks
  3. no i am gonna do the mem test tonight when i get home. but wanted to see if anyone else has this issue or knows what is going on...
  4. but here comes the part where i found im having problems.... Its the GRAPHIC CARD DRIVERS.... yep yep... After i install the video drivers that came with the card or the drivers on the ati website, my computer will freeze and then after 15-30 seconds it will automatically reboot but then it doesnt completly reboot it will go to a black screen and just stay like that. then i have to push restart button or cold boot.... but once i remove the video drivers it stops and works fine... has anyone had this problem or know how to fix it or what drivers i need to use? thanks
  5. Well, for almost two weeks now i have been battling issuses with my dfi lanparty ut rdx200... well, i stayed home from work yesterday and worked on it allllll day and night till 3:00 a.m. this morning. I was on the phone with my video card tech support and they were telling me that my mobo is bad. they had me go into the bios and go through some of the settings. we went into the pci settings and he had me go to pci latency he said it should be really high like 32 or more. well, mine was set to 8. he had said that picture the higher number 32 plus being 1000 lane highway and that the 8 is more like a 2 lane highway. he says that something is wrong with my bios and need to get a replacement. does anyone know a bout this pci latency? i also, flashed the bios just to be safe even though mine says it is the 12/31/05 bios. Well, what i did was i took the whole rig apart and started from scratch. after i did that i cleared the cmos again and let it sit as the directions say 2 hours plus.. well, i let it sit for 3.5 hours. and noticed that i really didnt follow the directions on how to do the reset correctly. Well, after that i loaded win 64 bit. and went to ati website and finally found all the 64bit drivers. I installed them all and was doing very well.
  6. also, it is the updated bios as well. do you think if i clear the cmos for a couple hours that may work?
  7. well, i have cleared the cmos but only for like 15 minutes to a half hour.. i was told some people clear the cmos for hours. is there a difference? its the weirdest thing what happens is when i turn the computer on it will go into windows okay. but if i restart or when i try any games it automatically locks and will restart the computer like i push the reset button except that once it reboots it freezes so then i have to do a cold boot and sometimes after that it will still get so far and freeze again... i was told its defective.
  8. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey all, I have a dfi lanparty ut rdx200 ati mobo, 3500 64bit amd, powercolor x800 ati graphics card, 1-150gig sata, 1- 300 gig sata and for memory i have two different types right now... i have 2- 512 samsung memory at cas 2.5, the other set i have is 2-512 kingston memory at cas 3.0... I have set everything up and decided to go with windows 64bit os. well, after i loaded everything i went to load call of duty 2. Well, it starts up but as soon as i try to play the game my computer just locks up and reboots all by its self... i have tried switching back and fourth the 2 different types of memory i have. i have also, tried running all four at the same time and it works. except that i get that lock up and then it reboots. I wanna say its the memory... but not sure i am off work tommorrow and was thinking of picking some new memory up just to try. but figured thats tommorrow and i have all night tonight to mess with this so i thought to ask you guys for help... thanks
  9. Please help... i have a dfi rdx200 ut mobo.. and i have 1gig of memory which is 2x512mb of kingston memory... except i found out last night that my kingston doesnt work with this mobo... is there anyway that i can get it to work by messing with any settings?
  10. need some help with memory for my DFI LanParty UT RDX200... i have 1 gig of kingston 3200 memory but when i try to install xp xp2 i get the blue screen of death. not sure if kingston is compatible with this mobo . so i am gonna have to get some memory today, does anyone know of other brands that do not work with this mobo or that do work? thanks
  11. For the love of god last night, i started working on my new rig at 6:30 didnt stop till 3:00 a.m. i solved all my problems too. Anyone who has or gets a dfi lanparty rdx200 please save time and just clear the cmos right away. Notonly that i must have tried to install xp sp2 30 plus times last night... and every time it was going to put a list of files to copy to hard drive i would get the blue screen of death. i tried all the combo's for memory and then this morning before i leave for work i thought why not just try a different memory stick and what happens. the darn thing finally works .. turns out my kingston memory is not compatible with this mobo.... my q is now where do i find out what memory is compatible with my mobo.. this is the mobo i have DFI LanParty UT RDX200 CF-DR Socket 939 ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 .. rthanks
  12. i have amd 64 3500 2x 512mb of kingston ddr 3200 ram DFI LanParty UT RDX200 CF-DR crossfire ati powercolor x800 gto 1- 150gig sata 1- 300 gig sata floppy plextor dvd rw plextor cd rw
  13. Hey guys, am i not doing something right? for some reason when i boot the computer it starts up and the lanparty screen comes up but that is all that happens ... doesnt go any further. cannot get to the bios... is there something im missing?
  14. hey guys, just got my first dfi mobo and kinda at a stand still. i put everything to gether check everthing twice. the machine starts up fine and the dfi lanparty screen comes up but nothing after that.. is that anything i missed or need to do... i was thinking it has something to do with the keyboard cause i have tried 3 boards now and none of them lighted up. i tried ps2 and usb key boards nothing it will light up really fast but then shuts off... i read that there i a jump j7 that enable or disables the ps2 ... just wondering if anyone has gone through this or knows how to fix.... thanks
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