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  1. Well the drive strength was at Auto setting so I have no idea what it was, but it didn't seem to help even at level 12. Maybe I'll just have to loosen the timings see what happens. It just feels a bit stupid to have DDR500 2-2-2-6 capable memories running at such timings and frequencies.
  2. Hi all! I'm a first-timer here and i'm also from finland so try to undersand my newbieness. So here goes. After adding another pair of Mushkin RedLines my pc became ridiculously unstable. Only 10min of BF2 or Oblivion then instant crash and reboot. I can still feel the effect of 2GB; loading times are now shorter and BF2 doesn't lag in the beginning of a map anymore. I know it's recommended to use 2x1GB sticks rather than 4x512MB (spent time reading guides here), but i decided to do it anyway since i got them for such a low price. Here are some settings that worked with 1GB: Tcl: 2 Trc: 7 Trfc: 17 Trcd: 2 Trrd: 2 Tras: 6 Trp: 2 Twr: 2 Twtr: 1 Trtw: 2 Tref: 200MHz 15.6us = 3120 Twcl: 1clk Read Write Queue Bypass: 16x Bypass Max: 7x Max Async latency: 7ns Read Preamble: 5ns Idle Cycle Limit: 256clks I naturally set command rate to 2T before even installing the additional RAM. The two pairs of 512s are not identical though. The newer RAM has that little chip at the end of the stick (ECC?) and their PCBs are green instead of black. I don't think this could be the problem or? So, i need some advices to get this computer running stable please.
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