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  1. This is a copy of Office 2007 Resource kit with Groove 2007 that I acquired at the Microsoft Vista Launch back in January 25 when they came by Orlando, Florida. The package is still sealed up and hasnt been opened. When I signed up for the event I was expecting a copy of Vista in any shape or form but at the last minute the people at Microsoft :confused: decided to throw Office 2007 at us instead. To my disolution I dont need Office 2007 since I am using Open Office. So instead of letting it collect dust on the shelf then here I am trying to get rid of it. This software retails for about $499.99 dollars and thats quite a lot for productivity software. I have already seen other people sell their copies at ebay and from the looks of it the average is about $200.00 dollars so thats what I will be asking for. I will accept paymnets ONLY thru paypal and as soon as the payment is confirmed I will ship it to any of the lower 48 states in the USA. I will not ship outside of the US so please dont ask. If you have any questions please email me to [email protected]
  2. UPS should go hand in hand like cheese on a hamburger! You never know how good and clean your power is until you plug in a UPS. I was amazed that my UPS detected some minor power issues in my room and it trips at least onece ever other day or so for just a second. So take that for the next 2 or three years every day and you can figure out what could happen to your PC. BTW mine is a APC 800 watts 1400 VA which is way more than I need but it gives me at least 35 minutes to do what I want before I shutdown. Better safe than sorry. :angel:
  3. EVGA 7950 GT KO with 512 MB and soon to have one just like it in SLI. I am very pleased with this card and hope it gives me years of trouble free service.
  4. My speakers are simple analog Altec Lensing 4.1. I got them for a good price a long time ago and when you crank them up they dont distort the sound like some cheaply made plastic speakers out there. I simple will use these puppies until the day the decide to die. They are currently about 10 years old and they just keep going and going.
  5. You have used this bridge personally and it has worked fine so far? Any type of adjustments that I should be aware of? Thanks for the link.
  6. I was considering going SLI with my current rig but I need some feedback. From what I understand to link two NVIDIA cards together one needs a bridge board to make SLI work hardware-wise. I am aware that the MB that I am using does not support SLI but with the hacked drivers it can be done. The main question is where can I turn to order the bridge card to fill the gap between video cards that will work with the least amount of problems?
  7. Im pretty much for wait till is retail camp because all the benchies were performed on a pre-release reference board with basic sketchy drivers. Even at that level the numbers were quite good and for now it is only that... they just LOOK good. Personally I had bad luck with ATI drivers and they are substandard compared to NVIDIA in the sense of dependability and reliability. Eventhough I wouldnt mind having an R600 it would be too expensive to have just like any of the other DX10 cards that will crop up during the year. I plan to do long term upgrade to two 8800 GTX when they are available with DDR4 memory and are affordable and that oviously wont be till the end of the year hopefully. But basically until some people here in the forum start fiddling with it hands on and see it reviewed at my favorite three websites (Sharkyextreme, Tomshardware, Anantech) then we will see how good the R600 really is.
  8. Yeah I previously did try to go to the F8 menu and do last known good configuration and it didnt work. I will try the msconfig solution to see how it comes out. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. If you have space available in your HDD then see if you can create a partition just for Win XP 64 and try it out. If your HD is already one big partition you can always use a third party partition program like partition magic.
  10. As of late I have been noticing something going on with WinXP in my rig. Windows XP will load as normal and you get to see the desktop with all the icons but you can notice that only 2 or three (sound, wireless) out 6 or 7 (antivirus and others) icons pop up in the taskbar and from then on if you try to load a program it will just give you the hourglass or nothing at all and you cant even shutdown the pc thru normal means!? This has happened twice already and so far a temporary cure is to load the Win XP CD and do a repair on the partition. Also if you go thru Safe mode it seems to work just fine so it might be a driver related issue or a device conflicting with another. Correct me if im wrong but XP takes care of devices that reside with the same IRQ and manges them fairly well. It will work for a while after 3 or 4 OS resets and then it goes back again to the same thing. I am currently running everything stock and have not reset the PC since last OS repair and so far so good. I am afraid to reset the PC in order to avoid having to redo the repair once again. The SATA drive that I have is brand new and I doubt that it have any bad clusters. I havent tried to wipe out the whole partition because the installation after is very time consuming but if after I do that it still does it then I have no idea what to try next. Any suggestions?
  11. Now this was in the case of the DD system and I am thinking that for some reason there was residue specially in the pump from when it was first lubed I guess that might have made it looked that way. Now there is one small factor to consider when using water (distilled or not) and that with time it might cause corrosion inside the pump if there are any metal parts beign used inside the chambers where liquid goes thru. That is why coolant is used because of its inhivitors and it also has a special lubricant to keep the pump running smoothly longer. I happen to know this because this applies to automotive aplication coolants and it is why you should try to avoid using water. Now if the pump that Thasp is using is plastic and ceramic that distilled water is fine eventhough the blocks are still made out of copper. This is just something I would like to point out to everyone that is considering getting a water cooling system. One question that I still had Thasp is what type of vinegar did you use? Just regular plain clear vingar or apple vingegar, etc? Also what type of alcohol did you use (isopropyl.. spelling)?
  12. Can you run all of your versions of 3DMark continuosly unattended?
  13. Is this something you do before you run the system for the first time or something you do after so many months of usage to unclog the system?
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