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  1. I'm pretty sure any p2p software he could run wouldn't work anyway. I havn't tried it, the only one installed in bittorrent but it hasn't been used yet. I also havn't gotten any 4226 errors, or any errors for that matter unless I try and connect to something through anything other than msn.
  2. yes I ran both, didn't change anything. Nothing even TRIES to connect to anything. when I say nothing will connect to anything else (teamspeak, games, source) I mean it wont even attempt the second I try and run like pokerroom it IMMEDIATELY sais it cannot connect to server.
  3. I'm going there friday if I can't get the problem resolved and taking a NIC card with me.
  4. I only have two networking adapters showing, that is the 1394 and my nForce. (I have the marvell BIOS disabled)
  5. I dled and ran the XP TCPIP Repair utility and ran the TCP/IP repair and no change.
  6. ping, nslookup, traceroute wont work. and I have the marvell disabled because it wasn't working properly either...I'll try the TCP/IP stack repair.
  7. Ok after days of trying, I'm still stumped but I have learned some key things. My problem is my ethernet device on my DFI Lanparty UT nF4 SLI-D. Original Thread (some of this not relevant anymore): http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=65945 My issue is that the device is either blocking or not knowing my attempts to connect to certain things. I cannot access any other server of almost anykind (teamspeak, games, steam, direct FTP) but I do have browser/messenger working. (using the LAN 1 nforce device) When I first built this computer a week ago it had everthing working fine but some weird issue with MSN and IE when MSN logged in and back out it couldn't log back in and anything that used javascript on a website wouldnt work anymore (how are they related beats the hell outa me) so I tried the other lan device (LAN 2) to only have the exact problem I am now having with LAN 1. So i reinstalled drivers...now the problem LAN 2 had is on LAN 1 (current issue) and LAN 2 wont connect to anything now. It isn't the router because there is another computer running through it fine, It isn't the ethernet cable we tested it with the other computers cable. It isn't ANY firewall because I have XP firewall off, didn't install the nVidia firewall when I reinstalled drivers, (I got new one, http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_nf4_win2k_6.86.html , someone check and make sure that is the right updated drivers for this board ) and the router firewall is DMZ enabled for this computer. I've tried everything except playing with bios settings (not many for lan devices). Only because I don't have physical access to this computer. The only BIOS editing I've had the person do is disable the second LAN device.
  8. ok well I completely removed all drivers related to Ethernet and reinstalled them and now lol...the problems have reversed... this is so annoying. Lan 1 now can't directly connect to anything (games, teamspeak, ftp) the IE, messenger works great thought...and lan 2 doesn't even work (the problems were reversed before the whipe/reinstall) so I went and disabled the Lan 2 thinking there was some conflict between the two and nope no change...some protocol isn't getting passed... CMOS time/date are correct I'm running out of options here... EDIT: This is far fetched but...like I said I'm running out of ideas, does this sound like a problem a faulty cat5 cable could produce?
  9. Ok well I started reinstalling drivers and stuff, now the Lan 1 connection running off the chipset wont accept or connect to anything. It sais it is connected and can send information but can't recieve... And the lan 2 connection (anyone know anything about it?!?!) come to find out wont directly connect to anything (games, teamspeak, certain ftp access...) nothing much new here...
  10. The ip to the objects I try to access (TS server specifically[when using second lan device]) havn't changed in a while so flushing the DNS wouldn't help, thanks for the advice though, and the router/modem is use is connect through your regular cat5 cable and if your curious here is a spec sheet on the series: (model in use is the 2700 HG-B) http://www.2wire.com/pages/pdfs/8.pdf I also never got disconnected, so disconnection timers are not set.
  11. Ok well I have some issues with the Lan Connections (LANPARTY ut nF4 SLI-D). First of all can someone give me some more detail (lack of this in the manual)between the difference between the Lan1 the nForce controled, and the Lan2 the marvell whatever. My problem is with BOTH, First of all they both do there job on getting internet to the computer so no problem there. Now the problem could either be software, OS, Lan Devices, or whatever I have no clue thats why I'm here. First off (starting with the most weird issue) when I was using the Lan 1 connection (top most lan connection), everything works good except when using MSN and IE (or any other browser), once I log in MSN and log out MSN will fail to log in anymore (the troubleshooter sais the gateway failed the infamous 80048820 error which explains nothing) along with MSN dieing once you log out any website object that uses java script wont work. The website it self works fine but the object (being an accept button, buttons on some mail service website, certain forums...whatever) if you click them the browser sits there trying to load...and eventually sais it can't find anything. Other than that, thats the Only problem everything else works great (games, Teamspeak, FTP services) I'm not sure if its the MSN logging in and out causing the "javascript" problem but something does, cause the scripts work at first but after either sometime but for sure after logging out of msn the "javascript" stops working. A reboot of course fixes it till...it dies again. I'm using XP pro SP2 (EI 6, and Newest version of FireFox same thing happens to both) SO I tried alot of things and nothing worked, messed with all security privacy features, thinking it was cookies or something but to success, naturally all the Windows and nForce firewalls are OFF and turned off personal firewalls. I'm also not using any anti-virus/firewall combo's or anything. EVENTUALLY I said screw it and hooked it up to the Second Lan device the Marvell Connection and this problem went away. But Now Teamspeak fails to connect to anything, browsers not able to connect to ftp servers. So Something has to give and get fixed and I've done all I have from here (I'm not actually in contact with the computer or I'd try some bios changes and more stuff I'm doing what I can through internet).
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