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  1. i need a AC Ryan 3x120 rad grillz--black pm me if you have one for sale tnx http://www1.acryan.com/_radgrillz/ACR-RG35265.shtml
  2. i need the ff: wheels--link dvd drive bezel --black C01-B link 5.25 bezel w/ vent and filter BZ-501 link 5.25 intake cooling kit BZ-502(its like a kama bay) link PM me what you have
  3. i need 2 I/O panel for my board. if you have other accessories that would be great too. PM me what you guys have. tnx!
  4. i have a 8600gt xxx if you like pm me
  5. if you have a GL im very interested on that just let me know what version and how much for it? i also want a router that doesnt lose signal coz i have a wireless b right now and after a day it losses signal
  6. if anyone wanna sell me this kinds of routers pls PM me. older versions pls and if you have a GL im very interested on that thanks!
  7. i have a mozart tx w/ windows if you like . no need for it anymore black sides
  8. need a power supply 550+ limited fund$
  9. still need this! i wanna run a e2180 on the board
  10. hey guys! I need a decent PSU for my back up. Hopefully it can handle some good oc'ing. modular or not. PM w/ offers.
  11. im on a budget so pls no expensive boards. pm me w/ offers and heat pls thanks!
  12. dranom


    hi! i need a PSP for a friend. i need it to be cheap and in great condition. extra's a plus! if you have one and want to sell pls PM me w/ price and extra's pls. Also include HEAT, etc...:cool:
  13. any1 used this thermal compound? they said its better than AS-5
  14. hey guys! i have a couple of stuff up for sale if you guys are interested Payments are only non-cc payments please or money order--i prefer this My heat is popoyking ALL ITEM PRICES ARE SHIPPED:eek::eek::eek: Pictures of all items: Shin Etsu X23-7783D $8.25 shipped each--used some on my ultra and my idle is now 55-56c and load is 65-70c 655/1125 clocks http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k275/dranom/forsale001.jpg SUPREME COMMANDER$20 http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k275/dranom/forsale005.jpg logitech dual action controller $12 http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k275/dranom/forsale004.jpg Zalman Fatlity vf-900 cu(new) $36 http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k275/dranom/forsale003.jpg CellShock PC8000 (new) $170 http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k275/dranom/forsale006.jpg Logitech Orbit webcam $55- bought it new used it once then i went back to my crappy one coz it doesnt fit my table and i doesnt use my cam a lot anymore http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k275/dranom/forsale002.jpg Yateloon 140mm d14sm-12--$7.50 each sleeved by me:D http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k275/dranom/forsale007.jpg Creative Sound blaster LIVE!--$12 http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k275/dranom/forsale.jpg
  15. just stick a 40mm on the SB and a 50mm on the nb. this will cool it nicely. im using it right now w/ my board does the job. cheap too. i used a heavy duty 3M double sided tape on both fans.
  16. can that celeron run xp? if it can i will get it from you.what socket is it? sorry dont have any idea w/ earlier procs.
  17. i think your right on the 10x multi CPDMF! i also ran into that problem w/ the multi w/ my e4400. when im using 10x it can post and all. but it will not be stable! then ran it at 3.0ghz on 9x and wala! almost 10hrs orthos now and still running.
  18. @cbtg2006 you might wanna flash your bios. i have this board for my budget build and when i flashed mine it easily got me to 3200. im at 3.0ghz now 9hrs stable and still running strong
  19. hi! i need an HR-05 for my 680i and dominator fan. if some one doesnt need this stuff ill gladly buy it from you. pls post or PM me what you have. also include price:)
  20. i need the ff: NB cooler for my 680i--probably hr-05 sli NB cooler for my dfi infinity-stock cooler is very hot when ocing 5pcs of 24" sata cables. no weird colors pls black,clear,red is cool 40mm fans if you this lying around and wanna get rid of it im willing to take it out of your hands:) pm me or post what you have w/ price pls
  21. got it. thanks on the 680i its not speed step its c1e
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