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  1. i need a AC Ryan 3x120 rad grillz--black pm me if you have one for sale tnx http://www1.acryan.com/_radgrillz/ACR-RG35265.shtml
  2. i need the ff: wheels--link dvd drive bezel --black C01-B link 5.25 bezel w/ vent and filter BZ-501 link 5.25 intake cooling kit BZ-502(its like a kama bay) link PM me what you have
  3. i need 2 I/O panel for my board. if you have other accessories that would be great too. PM me what you guys have. tnx!
  4. i have a 8600gt xxx if you like pm me
  5. if you have a GL im very interested on that just let me know what version and how much for it? i also want a router that doesnt lose signal coz i have a wireless b right now and after a day it losses signal
  6. if anyone wanna sell me this kinds of routers pls PM me. older versions pls and if you have a GL im very interested on that thanks!
  7. i have a mozart tx w/ windows if you like . no need for it anymore black sides
  8. need a power supply 550+ limited fund$
  9. still need this! i wanna run a e2180 on the board
  10. hey guys! I need a decent PSU for my back up. Hopefully it can handle some good oc'ing. modular or not. PM w/ offers.
  11. im on a budget so pls no expensive boards. pm me w/ offers and heat pls thanks!
  12. dranom


    hi! i need a PSP for a friend. i need it to be cheap and in great condition. extra's a plus! if you have one and want to sell pls PM me w/ price and extra's pls. Also include HEAT, etc...:cool:
  13. any1 used this thermal compound? they said its better than AS-5
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