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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a U.S. based retailer that sells the LanParty Dark boards?
  2. I messed with my friend's ipod a few times, I think the wheel thing is touch sensitive and I've never seen or heard of it failing.
  3. Woohoo, finally after 3 weeks UPS admitted that they screwed up and I get a replacement from SVC. SVC even let me edit my order since I had already gotten an item that was in the order about 2 weeks ago elsewhere. Thanks SVC! *thumbs up for camera*
  4. I've always gone with Sony for my portable audio. I've compared my Network Walkman to an Ipod and the Walkman simply blows the Ipod away in bass and sound quality, especially with the built in equalizer. However, Sony seems to love its SonicStage software, which is as bull crap as iTunes.
  5. Can you tell them to ship to a post office near the border, then cross the border and pick it up?
  6. No, I actually have good things to say about SVC. Even though the package is missing, they shipped it the day I ordered it, and since I'm east coast I've got til 8 P.M. to order so basically I ponder at work all day and order when I get home.
  7. DFI LanParty nf4 Ultra-D AMD Athlon 64 3800+ x2 eVGA GeForce 6800 GS 2 GB Corsair XMS DDR400 PC 3200 Creative Sound Blaster X Fi Xtreme Music Western Digital Raptor 74 GB
  8. The adware hasn't really been doing anything. It's just displaying a poster of the former World #1 player (Fevergaming's SimonMoon) and sometimes U.S. players get Core 2 Duo ads. Other than that there are EU and PAC campaign posters. There are actually players looking for EA to put in better ads.
  9. I read somewhere LCD panels are going to drop by a lot but not until Q3 2007. BenQ is supposedly releasing 2 ms "gamer" widescreens but the 24'' will be like $1,500. The reason for my being cheap is because I'm a college student and my internship barely covers my tuition as it is.
  10. *strangles Phixation* Why couldn't UPS lose your package instead!
  11. I've been wanting to upgrade to a 24'' monitor now for a long time. It doesn't look like the prices are getting any lower though, they're still like double or sometimes triple the price of a 22'' or 21''. What's worse is that their response times don't seem to be getting any better too. I keep seeing 16 ms response times, anything under 8 always seems to be gray to gray. Why is this?
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