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  1. My front case has a one big connection. It doesnt use a bunch of single ones. I just thought that there was a fix for this. I have been plugging the main speakers into the front phones jack but Its getting annoying.
  2. Hey.. I have a simple sound setup. I just use line out to go to an amplified RIGHT/LEFT and a small SUB. ($25setup..) It worked fine until I removed the jumpers on the karijan audio module to connect the front panel audio. -The front panel works fine..Mic/Phones -The rear line out does not fully work. Left speaker works fine, Sub works fine, Right speaker has no sound.. Does anyone have an idea of what I can do to get the rear to work..? P.S. I don't try to use both front and rear at the same time....
  3. Thats a good point you have there. Im going to try using the front panel usb's to see if there is a difference. I also have a PCI USB card. So the PCI slot would be powering/transfering the data.. Hopefully something will work.
  4. Hey guys.. Im having a problem with my stability and thing I have it narrowed down. Whenever I have extended periods of high download rates (USB wifi) and at the same time use my tv tuner (USB). My computer freezes and I am forced to restart. It only happens when both devices are under heavy use. I think its coming down to current draw through the USB bus. Both get really hot so I think they must be using alot of juice.. I believe that the USb can provide up to 500mah? I may be wrong.. I have heard that the USB connections on the MOBO that you would use for front panel or those extentions for the rear PCI slots are on a different channel than the intergrated ones on the back of the MOBO. If so I could seperate the 2 devices and regain stability? Can anyone confirm this? thankx for any advice..
  5. Just use the BIOS and raise the FSB.. But watch your temps and the RAM speeds...
  6. Its your ram not the cpu.... You need to adjust your timings.....Do you have a acreenie of the BIOS?
  7. Your doing ok there.. For 2700Mhz you shouldnt need to go over 1.4v-1.45v. What kind of memory timing options does that board have? With that much of a divider, your gonna need to adjust the secondary memory timings.. A better PSU is always a good idea, but the volts on yours do seem ok..
  8. Hey guys.. I have a problem here.. My boss has a ASUS A8n-SLI deluxe at work we use for your "server". He wants to use ECC ram in it, with it does support.. However. When I started looking to buy some. I can only find registered ECC ram.. I'm not sure if this is supported by this mobo and cant seem to find any info on weather it does or not... I do know it has to be un-buffered but thats all I can find on it.. So my question is.. Will ECC registered ram work with this mobo? If not is there a such thing as ECC non-registered ram? Thanks guys...
  9. Look in the OCDB and you'll begin to see a trend on the CPU's of choice.. 165/170 CCBBE. Also the current steppings being shipped seem to give good OC results as well..
  10. Ok.. So, I have been OCing for quit a while now and am trying to get to GGG. I use the OCDB to find similar setups and use those as a starting point for my rig. One thing though. Whenever I see a reference to DRAM drive strength, It always from level 1-8... In my BIOS "704-2bta" The options are as follows. level 1 weak/normal level 2 weak/normal level 3 weak/normal level 4 weak/normal Now this is 8 levels but im not sure what each equals? Eg.. Lets say a post said DRAM Drive strenght level 7 What would the equivelant in my BIOS be? Thanks to anyone that can clear this up for me...
  11. Hi. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on a tv tuner to get. I would like high quality tv with divx recording.. HDTV is ok but i wont be using it.. thanx
  12. No, Just how it gives up resources to other system tasks..
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