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  1. Might want to also consider Xandros 3.0 .. very easy to use and comes pretty complete.. you can always go to their update center once you have it installed and pick to add software and utilitys.. I,ve had it running for a while and I like it...

    Help Find A Lcd Monitor

    Well I just purchased a NEC Multisyc LCD1935NXM last week and I love it has both DVI and analogue inputs also has a 16 ms response time... Nice monitor and I must say that using the DVI input over the analogue is a nice step up in picture quality.. Price was about 500 canadian dollars after rebate but before taxes.. I like this monitor a lot and it has a nice look to it..

    Ban Doom 3 ?

    The guy who runs the petition tried to post this over at " Extreme overclocking" and we got the thread closed because of lots of young members who would of started a religouse arguments. He's for real and joined the forum to post the petition and give his reasons why not to buy it.


    It,s a very open ended game. I,m now playing the game of the year edition with the 2 expansion packs. A recomendation i can make is get the best weapons and armour you can get and get the book if you want to finish the game in any reasonable amount of time. Theirs tons of stuff to do and alot of stuff to learn in order to prepare yourself for the big battles. Love the game been playing it for over 9 months and i still like it. Sell everything that you can get and that you cann,t use for gold in order to buy training and potions. Get the armour either by finding it or fighting for it.


    If it,s real that,ll put a smile on my face. Prices for computer hardware are way to high in canada sometimes 50 or 60 % more than the U.S. We need some big competition in canada.I was at a canadian website looking at ram and was quoted over $900 plus taxes for 1 gig of PC4000 OCZ ram. I laughed at them

    Raid0 Raptor

    Well i just did mine Dual raptors in a raid 0 on a promise raid controller

    Its Playoff Time

    I,m a Habs fan so you know who i,m cheering for.GO!! Habs GO!! The stanley cup probably not but i want to see a 401 series Toronto vs Montreal

    Pc Pistop

    It,s alright but for benchmarking I use 3D Mark 01,03 and 04 I also use Super Pi and Si-Soft Sandra 2004. All are available as freeware on the internet

    What Happend To The Detailed Stats?

    Yep Jason is working hard on them and from what i,ve seen lots more comming and some more tweaking. Been told many times the best stats pages out their but he has been converting everything over to Vb3 Gold and it takes time to do it properly and he,s working alone on it.
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    All The Forums You Are A Member Of...

    OCC, Techbox forums, Extreme Overclockers, Xtreme Overclockers, Thats it for now.
  11. TOMVOO

    Post Your Workstation!

    Well here,s mine very simple but works well
  12. TOMVOO

    Mushkin Bh-5

    The BH-6 isn,t suppose to overclock as well as the BH-5 I got my PC3500 level II BH-5 to run at 2,2,2,5 on an 875 chipset board at 240 mhz fsb at 3.35 volts stable with no errors in memtest 86. I don,t think BH-6 will do that but maybe time will prove me wrong.
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    If anyone picks up this nasty little worm here,s a fix for it http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/FxMydoom.exe I looked around and did a search and couldn,t find it posted here so i picked it up at another forum i belong to and thought it might help 1 or 2 of you.
  14. TOMVOO

    Thermal Adheasive

    I,ve been using Arctic Silver thermal adhesive. It,s a 2 part epoxy and works very well. Takes about 5 minutes to set up. Use sparingly when applying and it works great. I used it to apply heatsinks on my mobos power mosfets. Just do a search for it and most computer parts retailers in the US should carry it. Not sure on the US price but it should be about $10 plus shipping. It,s also a silver adhesive so it conducts heat very well The link also provides a US sellers list http://www.arcticsilver.com/arctic_silver_...al_adhesive.htm
  15. TOMVOO

    4v On A 5v Rail?

    Check it with a multimeter first, i don,t always trust voltage measuring programs. If its low a new power supply is needed.