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  1. Hi. My pc was working ok, then for no reason it just died. (see sig) there is a red light on the mobo just below the pcie card that flashes when i put power to the mobo. I tried a different psu and the red light didnt flash it was a constant on. So that has me a bit puzzled. I have cleared the bios, left it for 24 hours uplugged. But still no joy. Any suggestions to help to make it work would be great. Thank you.
  2. Excellent explanation Polizei. Thank you for that. 100% clear on that now..
  3. Hey the mo/bo looks good but the sata is only 150. I want to run Sata 2 300mb. What is the difference between SLI and crossfire? how does an ati card upgrade it to crossfire? Thats.
  4. Thanks for the advice . I will look at other psu's and recomemend they keep it to 2GB. Cheers
  5. Thanks Tasr I have found the psu that I am planing on getting in your links. Hiper Type R 730W (Special Server Based Modular) Up to Max Combined [email protected] Specs: http://www.hipergroup.com/English/pr...hpu-4s730.html From $ Froogle has no listings as of 10-18-06 Would I be better off getting 2x 2GB ram matched pairs or 4 x 1GB sticks.? Crucial 2GB kit (1GBx2) DDR PC3200 CL=3 UNBUFFERED NON-ECC DDR400 2.6V 128Meg x 64 http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/92005 or 4x CRUCIAL 1GB DDR PC3200 400MHz 184-PIN UNBUFF 128MX64 Memory Modules http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...oduct_uid=65719 Thanks again.
  6. Hi, A friend has asked me to build him a stonker of a pc, so of course im suggesting to him DFI LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR SKT939 http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...oduct_uid=86395 My main question is .... As it is NVIDIA based is it ok to use a ATI based PCI-e card or should I stick to Nvidia? http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...duct_uid=105749 Any suggestions on pci-e card would be great. I am all so suggesting an Athlon 64 X2 4400+skt939 2.2GHz 1mb This system will be running XP Pro. He will be using the pc for photoshop and graphic programmes so he wants to use all 4GB of ram. CRUCIAL 1GB DDR PC3200 400MHz 184-PIN UNBUFF 128MX64 Memory Modules X4 http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...oduct_uid=65719 I have looked at the OCZ ram but there are bad reviews about it not configuring properly so I've opted for the above, just for ease. However if you guys know different or can recommed that would be great. Whoops nearly forgot, the psu. What do you think of this baby? http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...duct_uid=116339 The hard drives will be 2x Maxtor 320GB in stripe raid Thank you very much for your help and guidance on this pc build.
  7. Thanks for the help guys It's a shame, as you don't often get a free upgrade........ At least it didnt cost anything. Spares it is. Thanks again
  8. Written on the medion's cpu is Intel pent 2.6Ghz/512/400 SL6S8 (or a B) 7306A575~8440 still have not been able to get it to run cpu z Thanks
  9. I have run cpu Z and it says Intel Celeron code name Tualatin Brand ID 3 Family 6 model B step 1. ( sorry but i do not know how to post it in picture form) I tried to run cpu z in the medion but i cant get it to boot at the mo. From the results and i cannot find it in your cpu link As its a family 6 and the medion is a family 7 i dont think its going to work. I will post the medion details when i get it to boot. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hi. Ive been given a broken Medion MD40641 laptop for spares. I have a Toshibia satillite 1100 (z). I know they are totally different mobos but does anyone know without taking them apart if the medion cpu would run in the toshiba laptop.? I have looked up the mobo's on different sites but i cannot find the limit for the satelitte mobo. Both cpu's are pentium so im hoping that this is good enough. Thank you for your help.
  11. I my friends laptop is corupt and he needs his data( yep he should have backed it up) tried xp repair etc can you buy an ide lead that would link his laptop hard drive to mine (cases open) I boot up my laptop and save his data or would i be better off getting a external caddy and putting his drive in that to get data off? Thanks for any ideas.
  12. Brilliant. I have just ordered 2x 320GB maxtor SATA2 drives. Going to use my 160GB as data backup and give my kids the 300GB drive. They already have a 300GB drive. Could I just add this to their pc in stripe (Raid 0) or should i do a new instal of xp for them? Their pc is set up like mine one drive in stipe......which i now know isnt. New install i guess would be better. Cant thank everyone enough for their help, cant believe i've been doing it wrong for years.
  13. Thanks, that is really helpful. I have been reading up on raid and i cant decide what to have it set up as. Stripe because i want speed, but it says that if a drive fails you will lose everything. That isnt really a problem but photos etc would of course be valuable. Quess thats the risk i run now. and so does everyone else with a standard IDE hard drive. If i set it up in raid 0 +1 am i correct in understanding that I will need 4 drives. 2 to be mirrored one for the striping bit and one for the spare back up.......Mmmmm or was it 3 drives.? Would this setup be slower than plain stripe? I think my best option is to stripe and back up pics etc on dvd disks. Many thanks for your continued help.
  14. Thank you every one for your posts. I did not see all thoses relpys until I checked now. (all posted before Joe's) Thanks for the link Dragon tattooz excellent. Going to be doing it different from now. Excelllent Forum. Thanks again.
  15. Thank you Joe for the info.... I am only setting up the arrays the way i thought they should have been done. :-( Thanks for the enlightenment on how it all works. If i understand you correctly my drives are only transfering data at the old 133ata speed and not using the full potential of the drives 150 possibilities. I couldnt see the point of using 2 drives to mirror and waste a whole hard drive as my data isnt that important. and i thought when the pc saw the drives as 460GB was bad. That is why i started setting it how i have it now. If i bought say 2 maxtor 300GB drives how would you suggest i set them up.? Stripe over the 2 drives???? so it sees it as 1 drive? raid 0 or 1. what is best? I want performance over security. Would they run faster if they were running together rather than having them the way i have them set up? Thanks again for your help.
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