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  1. Yep..That cleared a problem I had. Memorytest would pass with 1t timings but the system would lock-up or reboot after a few minutes of Battlefield 2. After disabling "CPC" which when enabled forces 1t timmings, it runs BF2 flawlessly. Good luck!
  2. That pretty much sums it up. Thank you all for your responses and understanding. I haven't had much time for the computer lately due to dealing with this divorce thing. It all happened so fast. She took off her ring 2 weeks ago and said she needed to "find out who I am". This was the 3rd time she has attempted to dissolve the marriage. I convinced her to stay for the kids sake since they were so young and needy. When she started this latest attempt I was just to tired of the bull and decided to just let her go do her thing after faking it for 15 years. I get the girls (Madison-11 and Amanda-14) and child support of ~$845/mo. She, as a district manager for H&R Block makes about 3 times the salary I do as an IT helpdesk agent. Signed the papers and removed my ring last Saturday the 11th. and the Divorce was finalized on Thursday the 16th. I probably shoulda demanded alimony in addition to child support, but pride and my generally independant and non-combative nature led me to just be content with child support and custody of my daughters. Anyways, thanks for listening and understanding. May be a while before I'm able to post again. Trying to get the house ready to sell and find someplace to live.
  3. Evidently I was short/snide or a general smarta55 in one of my replies to someone who tried to help me in the forum. I sincerely regret and am sorry for that. I am a new member here and I truly do appreciate the wealth of information and friendly support available from the members of DFI street. As it is sometimes hard to impart "inflection" on typed words that may not have been offensive (or as offensive anyway) if heard instead of read; I should have thought longer before putting my words on screen. Also I was under the tension and angst of dealing with a very difficult technical problem with my board while going through the early stages of divorce, so I wasn't in my best form. That is no excuse for being rude, and I am truly sorry. I started to place this in the thread where I mouthed off, but I think that would not be appropriate. I just hope the person who I offended reads this and will forgive me.
  4. I tend to agree with the boogey on plan. All the comparisons that I have read seem to portraty the 8x vs. 16X difference as nil. Plus, after I upgrade my PSU I plan on trying SLI again, so 8X speed on both slots will be all I can use. Maybe later on I'll revisit this issue and try flashing to an older Bios after doing a long term cmos clear by setting the Clear CMOS and Safe boot jumpers again. When I go home to NC for Thanksgiving would be a good time for that. I really appreciate your interest and advice.
  5. Nogo -Swapped 6 times with CMOS clear between each swap. But I can run it in the top slot if I set it to 8X.
  6. I did the card bottom to top swap 6 times with CMOS clear between each switch. The whole time the PCIE configuration has been 2-1-1-16. Still wouldnt detect the card properly in Slot 1 but did in the 2nd slot. After failing to detect in slot one, it went back to where it would not ebven boot to bios when I attempted to install in bottom slot. Cleared Cmos again and booted with card in bottom slot. Card was properly detected but instead of installing the driver, on a whim I decided to shut down and set the slots to 8-1-NC-8 and put the card back in Slot 1 without clearing CMOS. Booted into Windows normal mode. Lo and behold the card was detected as VGA compatible display adapter and then the second baloon pops up and says it found a 6600GT!! - I cancel the Windows Install wizard and install the Nvidia Graphics driver from the DFI setup CD:eek: SUCCESSFULLY!!!:eek: So right now I'm about to restart -boot to Bios and set the PCIE slots to 2-1-1-16 and pray that it don't lock up at the Windows pre login screen.
  7. Cool.. Thanks Rgone. That will be a dang sight quicker than having to boot winders 5 or 6 times. I should be able to post results sometime tonight.
  8. I got a million of em...:spam: Asking for advice on this forum without reading the rules and creating a signature is like a non citizen of the US applying for Welfare... err... No wait; that's a bad analogy.:eek2: (that application would breeze through) Back on topic though; When I do the should I be booting in safe mode and repeating the process until I get the Sytem tray pop-up baloons - "new hardware detected...VGA Adapter then (2nd Baloon) -Asus 6600GT detected- ? If so I guess the driver would also be automatically installed as well at that point. I'm kinda busy today and I will search for the thread that most likely exists detailing the steps involved when I get a chance. Unless you know right where it is and post a link? Thanks again for your help.
  9. Yeah Praz, that is the way I understood your advice. I realize that this mobo is a state of the art hi-performance motherboard. Expecting it to perform as designed with a un-approved power supply installed is equivilent to putting a Kia fuel pump in a Ferrari and expecting 200MPH speeds.
  10. Thanks Rgone and Praz. I'll try the swap card to slot thing tomorrow, I'm toast for tonight :tooth: . And Praz, a new 8 pin PSU with minimum of 600W is my next upgrade. Thanks to all edit: OOH! I'm a soldier now!
  11. Wow Kingfisher.Where did you get the idea I was having Disk problems? This is a Graphic card issue that, as I stated in my last post was caused by a dead PCIE SLot 1. I would love to have a 700W Epsilon like yours. :drool: From post #1 The 500W Blue storm is OK for non SLI and my relatively light load of peripherals. I plan on upgrading ASAP so I can enjoy SLI goodness. Hell, turns out I have three perfectly good 6600GT's now that I figured out why they couldn't take the drivers. LOL SLI+1?:cool: Thanks for the cool benchmark and stress test link for the Hitachi though!
  12. I do have all 3 (Expert only has 3) power connectors installed. OK, after another repair install of XP failed to load driver with the same symptoms as above, I formatted and did a frseh XP Pro sp2 w/DX9.0c install. It failed too just as described in post 1. Common factor in all failures? Single card in slot 1. I moved the Card to PCIE Slot 2 and driver installed like a charm. No more Nauseating rolling refreshes. The initial install of the Asus cards on this system was done using Rgones' How to enable SLI on the DFI NF4 Expert Guide which uses Safe mode to install the drivers after both cards are physically installed and Bridged. This is why the cards worked in SLI but not with single card in slot 1. The Bridge was supplying the data from the first and second card to the bus while slot 1 is dead. I am going to try my plugging my second FDD connector into the 4 pin connector beside PCIE Slot 1 to rule out possibility that the molex to floppy adapter may be defective.
  13. Thanks ExRoadie, actually I detected the bad stick of memory prior to the initial install during the first boot while testing each stick individually with memtes86. (followed the NF4 build guide to the letter) The cards were both installed and running fine after the repair install using the good stick failed and I did a format and fresh install. Not sure what you mean by Full on assault, I installed one card with 1 stick of memory that had been memtested for over 14 hrs, and was also Dual Prime95 and SuperPi stable. System was not overclocked at all during any of the installs and in fact only breifly OC'd at all. It was running just fine,for several weeks other than an occasional BF2 crash which is not that uncommon for BF2. After the crashes escalated I thought it sounded like a IRQ or DMA conflict. Thinking it may be related to having a useless extra video card, I removed the bottom listed card from device manager, uninstalled the drivers from control panel and ran Drivercleaner pro Before shutting down to catch any remnats. Although I only ran Memtest86 on the replacement sticks for four hours I don't see how this could be memory related. I know four hours of Memtest is not the forum golden standard but I wanna play this weekend, and if it turs out to be the memory, I'll take my lumps and have to go through this crap again. Anyway I'm about to attempt a repair install with minimal hardware, if that fails I'll reformat. I'll let you know how it goes.
  14. Urgh... that's what I was hoping to avoid. In fact, during the initial re-build transition from Asus to DFI, I attempted to do a repair install using the existing XP Pro installation to preserve data. The install hung up at the install step where it was loading device drivers and the animated left side install interface went black while the rest of the screen looked normal. After formatting I was able to install ok, losing the data that I hadn't backed up.I hope I don't have to go through a whole new format-install and drive rebuilding. If no one comes up with an alternate solution, I guess I will do just that tonight. Thanks for the advise, Praz.
  15. If I assign affinity to both cores in task managers' processes tab will this cause problems such as Battlefield 2 locking up with the high speed "sound stutter" forcing me to do a hard reboot?
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