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  1. I guess issue resolved: I dremelled out a 80mm fan hole in my side case panel for that PC and shoved an 80mm fan in it near that part of the card. Card has been running flawlessly ever since.
  2. I might almost be willing to bet your CPU can probably hit 2.2ghz on its own. If you aren't an overclocker then I'd say save more money and get a dual core.
  3. I've made a discovery, I think I've isolated the area that needs cooling. I just wish I knew what was there. http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/1571/s6000788dh5.jpg The green airbrushed section is where it gets ultra hot. Anyone know whats in that area that even gets hot? I touched my finger to it earlier and it burned me. I know I can rig up something to cool it there but I would like to figure out what the problem is first so I can see if I'm wasting my time or not.
  4. Yes and the temps are acceptable I think. Ati Tray Tools reads 33C idle and it never makes it past 55C before it loses a signal when I make it show the 3d renderer window. Before the AC it was about 44C idle and stopped outputting at about 60C. The Automatic fan speed doesn't show fan speeds ratcheted up until it reaches 70C or so. I also forced it to 100% and it didn't help. I'm just lost at trying to figure out what needs to be cooled lol. I'm close to giving up and ordering a 7600GS or GT. It's just for my secondary rig which has a 3000+ Venice @ 2.6, 1GB ram. Either way its just rediculous how all of a sudden it needs to be uber cooled to run. And no its not overclocked before anyone asks. The card has been tried in more than one pc as well.
  5. This happens regardless of port. The only time it works right is when a fan blows from the side onto it.
  6. Normally I don't post for help, but I am perplexed at this problem. I've got an ATI Radeon x800pro PCI-E 256MB card that stops outputting a signal under load. The monitor claims that there is no longer a signal and then goes into standby, while Windows is still running. At first I thought it was the fan because I noticed a bearing going bad on it. I then rigged up an 80mm fan to sit on the bottom of the case blowing air at its underside and when that is in place and running there are no problems even under load. So I ordered an Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 4 and installed it today and it still does the same thing under load. Put that 80mm fan back in place and it has no problems loading. Is there like a power mosfet or something in the area near the front of the card? I've had it in 3 different PCs and still the same thing so I know its the card but where/what on the card is causing this?
  7. Good idea, although that solution didn't do anything for me, it could do so for you, so give it a shot before clearing your CMOS!
  8. The 7900GS's seem to overclock pretty well. Mine does 620/820 up from 475/660 without additional cooling and I can't get any further without a volt mod.
  9. Not sure why there was even a discussion on this. If it fails, no matter when then it's obviously not a stable clock and shouldn't be posted. I've had a few failures after 9 hours and mostly let them run at least 14 hours before I make an entry, if they fail anytime I tweak and start over. Seems like if I don't I am not really contributing to the database really because it's obviously not stable.
  10. Although I'm not entirely sure why it happens either, once in a great while on my Ultra-D USB ports wouldn't work properly as you describe. Clearing my CMOS fixed it. Although I should have lowered my overclock first.
  11. Just for clarification. The cache is actually KB not MB. That thing would be uber expensive if it had 512MB of cache!!!
  12. Assuming you've followed the overclocking guide all over this forum, have you ever had that CPU overclocked before? Also your PSU is rather weak.
  13. Precisely, I believe that sensor speedfan is reporting is a different voltage reading from somewhere else, someone correct me if I am wrong.
  14. Weird. That's a decent score I guess. If you look at my latest entry I got about 5700 06 marks but thats with my extremely overclocked CPU and videocard. http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showpost.p...7&postcount=394
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