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  1. i just did my first NF4 Expert install. i had all my hardware installed & could not get os to start. after much banging of head on keyboard i finally stripped everything of the motherboard, i mean EVERYTHING, except hdd,mouse,keyboard, & 1 stick of ram in orange slot furthest from cpu. & bang os started. after that i shutdown & added 1 piece of hardware at a time,starting with 2nd stick in the other orange slot,start the os, shutdown,then add another. rince & repeat till rig was complete. then updated bios, clear cmos, load optimized defaults. then tweaked bios 1 or 2 settings at a time, always booting to os after each adjustment to make sure. alot of work,but the performance is incredible, as is the stability.
  2. i started a full test about an hour ago,so far so good.i yanked the cpu & mem from my last rig and ran stable @ fsb 258, multiplier 10, mem 1:1, 3-3-2-8 T1. prior to running mem test i swapped the mem out with a known good pair corsair 3500LL Pro 2X 1Gb & i had the same problem.
  3. im new to these forums & to nf4 expert. im revamping my system from an ati chipset to the nf4 expert. the only new parts are motherboard & vga. i know everthing else works. i post fine but at os startup i get blue screen of death(its there & gone too fast to read) & system reboots. no oc's yet. no red leds after post. i first used both orange slots,then yellow, then 1 orange furthest from cpu. cleared cmos. loaded optimized defaults. backed timings off to 3-3-3-8. iv cursed, kicked, & banged head on keyboard. i get the same result every time. i also can not update bios, non-system/disk error. any help is appreciated.
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