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  1. can non ecc memory b used on a workstation/server motherboard?
  2. im not sure about the 2007, but i have the 3007 & im very impressed with it. its my first lcd, it does everything i want & looks great. i would imagine the 2007 to b the same just different size.
  3. i just saw them today myself. im adding them to my must have list. here's another link with pic: http://dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=5012
  4. will they step up a set of cards bought at the same time for sli or just 1 card?
  5. i'll try to get it done 4 ya charmed, it might take couple days to get to tho. i actually meant to when i got the cards, but i had an issue when i went to boot up the 1st time & by the time i got squared away i ended up just jammin both cards in. but i was curios myself on the performance difference between 1 & 2 cards & i wanted a reference when i upgrade to full 32 lane sli versus the 8 by 8 now.
  6. i dont need to set the neighbor's lawn on fire with a crazy oc. but my goal is an e6700 at its highest multiplier(i assume x10) with 333fsb.
  7. i dont have a fx-60 but im runnin just over fx 60 stock speed. iv got 2 8800 gtx's in sli. the 3d mark05 & 06 default scores werent mind blowing but at 2560 x 1600 with 4aa & 8af i got: 3d mark 05 score:12684 3dmark 06 score:6923. thats about double what i had with 2 7950gts & 8800gtx's do aa & hdr.
  8. i gonna upgrade to conroe. i am wondering about the differences in ddr2 speeds. i am looking at ocz' ddr2-800 titanium with t1 command rate, they also have titanium alfa ddr2 1000. or one of corsair's dominator series. which will give better performance tighter timings or higher speeds. has anyone tried the titanium series?
  9. i just got 2 8800gtx's. i couldnt agree with angry more about gettin away from crossfire & going to sli. i had 1900xtx in crossfire & longed for sli. i went to 2 7950gt's which were nice. but these 8800gtx's are monsters. i havent run all my tests yet but i like to play at 2560 x 1600 on 30" monitor & they handle it np. i did run 3d marks 05 & 06. the low res scores were not great. but the high res scores about doubled over the 2 7950 gt's. also i could run aa on 3dmark 06 with the hdr test. i set up both tests @ 2560 x 1600 with 4 aa & 8 af. 3d mark 05 score:12684 3d mark 06 score:6923
  10. for new built rigs with dfi boards, upgrades of old pc's & other parts try www.skullfirehardcore.com
  11. i would lean towards ur psu. but u might want to try backing off any overclock a bit, or try relaxing ur memory timings.
  12. i went for the 20down 5up package with fios. on the speed test i ran i was getting about 19 & 2. which using the same test on cable i was getting about 3 & 1.6 . so im real pleased.
  13. Skull_Fire


    i had dsl it was good but i could only game online one pc at a time. iv got kids it aint all me,ha. then i got cable & we could frag out on 4 pc's. and honestly iv got no complaint with cable. but i just got fios & its great. it is faster, iv dropped about an average 10 ping on my favorite servers. i dont know if its only a promotion thing or not but im paying less for it than i was for cable & the price is locked in for a year. if u go to www.verizon.com/fios u can enter ur phone# or address & it'll tell u if its available to u.
  14. i got the 3007. IT IS INCREDABLE!. i thought i had it good with the 24" widescreen but this is a whole new level. hl2 @2560 x 1600, q4 @ 1920 x 1200 set on ultra, & wow 2560 X 1600 all look & play like no lcd iv ever seen. the color is incredible. oh single plug duel link dvi does work, sli & all. i was real sceptical of a lcd but this is really mind blowing. still more testing to do. iv only run cs:s in 1600 x 1000 so far but it looked & played well. x3 is the only problem so far but it aint the monitor. i dont think my rig has enough arse to run it 2560 x 1600 4aa/8af. it still looks good just the soft lighting from planets on some ships hulls blinks on & off occasionlly. but x3 has been biggest load on my rig as far as games go. still alot more to check out but A plus so far.
  15. uncle dave is right. i didnt realize until i checked it out on the evga web site. but apparenty at least some individual dvi links are duel link capable. i got tied up so i couldn't post sooner. sweet link uncle dave, i think u gave it to me before when i was looking for a recommendation on the monitor.
  16. im buying the dell 3007 monitor. it requires 2 dvi cables. with sli u can only run 1 monitor. with sli setup will i be able to use 2 dvi connections off one of the cards to run the monitor or do i have to disable sli?
  17. the 24" crt has 22" veiwable i think. its a hp a7217a, but it was made by sony. the sony model is GDM-FW900. the crt is flat screen & does well,no lines on the screen. i play all my fps single player games in 1920 X 1200 & online multiplayer fps games in 1600 X 1200 & it really looks sweet. my only complaints are the warm up time, desk space, & the black doesn't always look black,more like an ultra dark brown. i never liked lcd's but i think im gonna try that dell ultra sharpe 30". for crt diehards who dont mind 4:3 ratio i highly recomend the dell P1230 22" (20" veiwable). i bought 3 of them from 3 different sellers & all 3 are perfect & do high res. they are the best looking monitors iv ever seen.
  18. yes i think i must have one.
  19. thanks for the link,nice pics.
  20. anyone have or seen a good 30" monitor for first person gaming? im considering either apple's or dell's ultra sharpe. but i havent seen either. iv got a 24" crt which is good, but it has about a 15 min period at first start up where the colors aren't quite there & it takes up a big chunk of real estate.
  21. nice link from tasr. im real curiuos to see how the opty does on am2. i see some just became available on zipzoomfly. the price for an opty 1216 is about the same as an fx62 & its 2.4 tho.
  22. i have never really considered using an opteron, but i see alot of people using them here. can anyone tell me the advantages/disadvantages & how well opterons compare in gaming?
  23. if ur os isnt completely installed try taking ur hdd out & loading the os completely to it from another pc. then install the hdd back on the expert board but disconnect the optical drive until after u get it fired up. i'd wait to activate windows online till ur back on the expert.
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