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  1. Heh, my bad. I didn't read the ATI install/uninstall software instructions. Nvidia drivers I've always been able to just install over older versions. Just thought ATI would be the same. I'll try reinstalling again with the proper procedure.
  2. Your not kidding!! I tried installing the 6.12 over 6.11 and it hangs in the middle and says severe error and to install vga drivers and try installing again. Did that 4 times and it just keeps going back to the error. Thank God for restore points! I just made a restore point yesterday so went back to it and all is good again. Are all versions of the ATI drivers like that?
  3. If you suspect the USB hub as the problem just connect a known working USB device on that hub and see if it gets detected. Although, since the HVR is detected that would imply the USB hub is working. I'm not familiar with the HVR but I have PVR250 and if I don't install the software (drivers, WinTV, etc.) in the exact order specified on the Hauppauge website it will show up in Control Panel and everything will seem to be working except I don't get a tv signal. Don't know about the web cam since I don't have one.
  4. KPR

    Trouble with timings

    I thought loosening memory timings didn't result in a performance loss but tightening them too much could cause instability?
  5. KPR

    My Upgrade Problem

    RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization or something to that effect. You have to get a number (RMA #) from your vendor before you can return merchandise, I guess so they can expect it back and then issue you a refund, replacement or whatever you and your vendor agree to do. I can't speak for the RDX boards but when I first got my NF4 Ultra-D I used a 550 TTG which has a pretty good reputation for stable voltages. System worked fine for a month or so then I started getting reboots. I replaced my psu with the OCZ 700 on recommendations in this forum and haven't had the problem since. I still have the occassional cold boot issue but I guess I'v adjusted to pressing my pc power button twice to get it started.
  6. Well, mine's a crapper :mad: It's revision AB0. Did the minimal hardware install, one stick in orange slot furthest from cpu, etc. etc. Used the hardware in my sig. During windows install with only 1 mem stick and 1 hard drive it rebooted 3 times (not the usual install reboots). After finally getting windows installed it would lock up anywhere between the welcome screen and right after loading the desktop. I couldn't even install any drivers! I was really hoping for a crossfire board but I'm tossing this one back :sad:
  7. Hey Anniemouse and Allston, Mind telling me what board version you have and if either of you have experienced the infamous ULI sata ports problem? http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=53169 Just got mine last night but haven't had a chance to test it yet.
  8. Ah, the 24 hour one. No, didn't do that. I just remove battery, switch jumpers and let it sit for about 15 to 30 minutes. Seems like the 24 hour clear cmos is the chicken soup of DFI boards. I'll give it a try over the weekend. I got a few days for RMA.
  9. The EIDE drive was a spare. I tried the clear cmos several times before including before the clean install.
  10. Tried the suggestions and didn't help. I even stripped it down to video card, cpu, ram, keyboard, DVD drive and one EIDE hard drive to try a clean install. It gets into about 2 minutes of the install then I get a "unrecoverable error" blue screen. Tried this twice and got it both times. I was really looking forward to 2.8GHZ!! Oh well, back to newegg this one goes. Thanks for the suggestions!
  11. Technodanvan - no, I've got 3 pc's, a socket A, socket 754 and a socket 939. Trying to move everyone here to 939 slowly though, $! Wild thing - Will try your suggestion, Thanks! Yes, I did have the dual core optimizer installed. Forgot all about that. Will uninstal that and try again.
  12. Got my $130 FX-55 today. It was in a little plastic case in bubble wrap inside a cardboard box inside a bigger cardboard box. Problem is the little plastic case was open and the processor was loose inside the bubble wrap. Other than being loose in the bubble wrap there didn't seem to be anything obviously wrong. All the pins were straight. So I install it by pulling my HSF and 4400 out and just plopping the FX in, replace HSF and boot up. Processor is identified in POST and it gets past everything until the Windows loading screen (the one with the little blue boxes that scroll across). The windows loading screen flashes up then goes away and the computer reboots. I tried loading optimized defaults then rebooting, same thing. I tried clearing CMOS (for about 30 minutes) then reboot, set drive priority then reboot and same thing. I tried unplugging all drives except primary and rebooting, same thing. Then I put my 4400 back in, reboot and it goes into windows and everything works fine. Does this mean the FX is borked?
  13. KPR

    Thermalright HR-05 SLI review

    I put an old Intel celeron fan on it. It was the closest thing I had to the size of the fins.
  14. KPR

    Thermalright HR-05 SLI review

    Well, with my current hardware I can say that the HR-05-SLI will fit, just barely. It has to sit above the video card (Lian Li upside down motherboard orientation). The edge of my 7800GTX sits flush against the top of the heatsink bar that holds it onto the NF4 chipset. My big typhoon takes up all the room on the other side of the video card so I can't flip the chipset cooler around. On the brighter side, my chipset temp has dropped by over 10 C!! According to Smartguardian before the cooler it always hovered in the high 40's and would hit 50-55 right after playing BF2. Right now it says it's at 34!! Have to see how it does playing BF2. Then tomorrow my FX-55 should arrive . . and I get to take my box apart for the third time in two days! Pic -
  15. KPR

    Thermalright HR-05 SLI review

    Just ordered the SLI version, should be getting it this week! I have a 7800GTX which has a rectangular black heatsink, that gets REALLY HOT, sitting right on top of the chipset fan! My chipset temp frequently hits 50-55 so I'm hoping this makes a difference. I'll post my install experience - however it turns out.