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  1. I think you guys are right, i have tried to play other games and they work fine, so it is only BF2. I wonder how to get this game working :confused:
  2. Yes it is stable, it seems to crash while loading into a map (server) always at 62% load progress. :confused:
  3. Hey all, i have recently purchased a CFX3200. I am running XP pro with all available updates, 4x120Gb SATA2 HDDs in RAID 0, 3800+ X2, X850XT, X-FI Fatal1ty abd all the latest drivers from the DFI site. I can access the internet etc.. fine, until i start to play Battlefiled 2 where it will start to load and reach a certain point every time where it will crash to desktop. I have uninstalled and re-installed the Marvell drivers and Battlefield 2 about 6 times each to no avail. Any one got any ideas what might be causing this. I have also turned off C-fos speed and Zone Alarm Firewall aswell as Windows firewall but still no luck. Cheers
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