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  1. Yeah, I agree with you on that and I actually repair PCs for a living. The problem is that with my busy schedule, I have to have a machine up and going so I can do my job and having to constantly be working on this computer to get it stable cripples me from being able to get my work done, it saps my time for other stuff, and since I already do so much work like this for clients, it's not worth my time to do it at home if I can pay for replacement parts. If you guys know anyone who wants the parts from that machine, I'd probably let them go for very good deals and warranty the parts as non-DOA. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses.
  2. Yeah, I've done that so many times it's not even funny. After you have between 50 to 60 hours invested in a system and the error is intermittant but deadly, I normally figure it's time to count my losses. It's just not worth the headaches involved anymore for me. Anybody here have an opinion on the DFI Infinity 975X chipset board for my next build?
  3. Been through hard drive, motherboard, PSU, video card, all cables, and optical drive. The system will pass post, but every time it goes to boot, whether from hard drives or from the CD drives, it locks. The reason I'm giving up is because I can get this system stable for a day or two or maybe even a week but then all hell breaks loose and the system will either start getting stuck with reboots, hard locks, or the screen just going black. It passes 12 hours of prime95 running on both cores at the same time (when it was still booting off of CDs)...
  4. Dang it. Stupid thing won't even boot now. Forget this crap. I'm probably just going to buy a new box. I've had it.
  5. That's what I was thinking. Then I woke up this morning and found that Seagate had failed my primary OS drive with 2 bad sectors. I have had the worst luck ever with hard drives this month - 4 bad ones so far (different computers). I just imaged the drive over to a good one and removed the bad one from the computer. Let's see how that goes for stability. I will post here in a while and let you guys know what I find.
  6. Yep, as per my post, it has run 24 rounds of memtest and all passed (24 in one night).
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm sorry but it was a typo, they are in 2 and 4 for dual channel. I'll try moving them to 1 and 3 and see if that makes any difference. I referenced that article when I was setting the timings on the RAM. It shouldn't take more than 2.8 to run these things at stock though should it?
  8. D'oh... just read the rules and saw that signatures are mandatory. Thanks for the heads up. Memory is in slots 3 and 4 and it's 2 1gb sticks, not 4 512s.
  9. Hey everyone. I'm new to using DFI boards but not to building computers. I've got an issue right now though that has me ready to put a bullet through my computer and buy all new components... First off, here's my system specs: Athlon X2 3800+ DFI LanParty UT Ultra-D with the latest official BIOS Thermalright XP-90 HS with 92mm Panaflow fan 2gb Corsair XMS (Twinx2048-C2PT) 128mb BFG 6600GT OCX 3x Seagate 7200.10 250gb SATA2 drives 1x Seagate 7200.8 250gb SATA drive NEC 3540A DVD burner Samsung 16x DVD ROM PC Power and Cooling 610watt PSU Antec P180 case This system has given me a tremendous amount of grief with instability for the last month or so. It started out with an Abit AN8-SLI board that would lock up frequently but not with any degree of consistancy (though it was very common when plugging in USB thumb drives). I tried quite a few things and ended up replacing the motherboard and doing a clean install of XP. Now here's the situation. Totally at random, my computer locks up. The screen freezes, the sound will get stuck in an endless loop, and I'll have to reboot. I tried my ATI x800GTO2 in the machine and with that in there, instead of lockups, I get a Stop 0x0000009C error, which is supposed to be a hardware issue of some sort according to Microsoft's knowledge base. I tried a new power supply (the PC Power and Cooling - previously it was an Enermax 550watt unit). I still get the same problems. I checked CPU temps and they're running in the 40s. I checked GPU temps and they also are within tolerance - around 60 under load, 50 otherwise. I tried relaxing timings on my RAM to 2T instead of 1T. Same problem. I've tried running the RAM at 8,3,3,3 as per SPD settings and had the same problem. I've tried boosting the voltage as high as 2.9v on the RAM but it doesn't help. The CPU for some reason seems to default to 1.3v instead of 1.35 like most 3800's so I tried bumping that voltage up to 1.35 and still get the lockups. The CPU is running at stock by the way. I've tried taking it down to 2 hard drives to no avail. I've tried changing all the drive cabling (SATA and PATA) and still get the lockups. I've removed all USB devices except for my mouse. Still locking up. I've done a clean install of Windows and get the same results. The machine passes 24 rounds of memtest (the one built into the BIOS). I've tried running hours and hours of Prime 95 on each core (6 hours if memory serves me correctly) and it passes. I've tried installs with and without the Nvidia storage drivers and that doesn't make a lick of difference. I'm currently running Seagate's diagnostics on all the hard drives in the system and we'll see what that turns up but does anyone have any suggestions? I'm totally at my wits end here. I'm tempted to put a bullet through this system and buy a new one at this rate but finances do not permit such luxury. Any advice on what might be causing this issue would be greatly appreciated! Sorry for the long first post by the way.
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