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  1. ahh i see, thanks~ Even when i set in bios the cpu voltage to 1.45v, it shows up only 1.42v in bios. set at 1.475v shows up 1.44v. lol...
  2. I have set the CPU VID startup and VID control in bios at 1.40V In bios, it shows 1.40V In windows, CPU-Z = 1.376V ITE smartguardian = 1.37V Nvidia monitorview = 1.45V so... which one is correct?? Thank you~
  3. yii, how come some of my own replies in this thread are missing. I have setup my system yesterday, new Corsair DDR550 4x512mb were not able to run stable at anything above 220mhz at 1T @ 2.74v, very strange as compared to previously I was able to run up to 255mhz 1T @ 2.74v(only 1 pair at orange slot). I have yet to test them 1 by 1 to see if any of the RAM is faulty. Now running 2x1024mb Kingston, and the system is stable at 13.5 x 206mhz @1T. The reason i use half multiplier is because it crashed at 14x200 ... i have not much choice, the RAM is not stable at 2-3-2-6 1T above 210mhz. FX55 2600mhz 90nm has no better overclocking potential compared to my old FX55 130nm , both ceiling at about 2780mhz. I will stick to this 2x1024mb then~ the Corsair RAM will be used at my old P4 system.
  4. I just got my CPU claim. The replacement unit is 90nm (old one 130nm), yahoo~ I just got my RAM claim, Corsair 4000 no longer in stock so they give me 4400, sooooo lucky that they are the same model as my another pair. I have 4x512mb now. 2.5-4-4-8 at DDR 550 I have another pair, Kingston 2x1024mb 2-3-2-6 DDR 400 So if compare with same frequency, which one will offer best performance, 13 x 200.9 = 2612 @ CL2 1T or 9.5 x 275 = 2612 @ CL2.5 2T or 10.5 x 249 = 2614 @ CL2.5 1T ? I can use benchmark programs to test, but real application may be different from these benchmark result. Please assist to decide which RAM combination to use. Thank you~
  5. err, yeah that is the problem. The on-die memory controller is dead. RMA at AMD and the new unit shall reach me in next few days. T_T
  6. Slot 1 & 2 will not run in dual channel mode. only 1 & 3 or 2 & 4 will (same colour)
  7. My RAMs never boot in dual channel (1 pair). It boot in single channel (1 pair) but not stable with what ever setting. With single RAM setup, first yellow slot never boot. Orange slot boot and run perfectly. So now i can only run 1 piece of RAM, the other RAM rest in peace. Tested with RAMs at DFi, single sided 2x Kingston 256mb, boot dual channel. Corsair 3200C2PT cannot boot dual channel. Change the CPU solve everything... T_T
  8. Err? memory controller is something operate independently? But some RAMs did work dual channel on my CPU... T_T how come?
  9. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ****FX CPU****, WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I think you have exactly same problem as me. The reason is simple, CPU compatibility. I just opened up a thread before reading yours. wahahahahahahaha i have friend now wahahahahahahahahahahahahh..... NO CURE my friend, at the moment. I am waiting DFI taiwan's solution through the local DFI distributor. I think only a bios upgrade can save us (WIDE upgrade it will be, involve almost all DFI boards) Although yours is FX57, i guess our problems are similar. Before this i used 2x Corsair 512mb without problem too.
  10. Need help from those who have FX55 *****ONLY**** plus a DFI NF4 board that has been running over some times; and have access to many RAMs (from friends or other sources) My system will never boot in 1st yellow slot with single RAM, and will never boot dual channel with my RAMs. It boot single channel in slot 1&2, but very unstable in windows regardless of what setting i tried. Tested in DFI distributor place, it boots dual channel with certain RAMs only. Tested also on DFI Ultra D and CFX3200, no go. Finally, I changed a DFI Athlon 3000+ CPU, and all RAMs work perfectly now. Changed back my CPU and its dead again. If my CPU is faulty it wont work at all. Appreciate other FX55 (0.13) users to confirm this. Thanks.
  11. LOL ok. So the clarification shall be:- "DIMM 2&4 exceed normal specification", and not "DIMM 1&3 are of poor quality." They fulfill normal spec instead.
  12. LOL... ya, more RAM is better. tighter timing lose to more ram in real application. This thread is to point out that, why DFI says DIMM2/4 perform better than DIMM1/3, which make user confused that 2/4 is better than 1/3. I just found out my system problem yesterday at DFI distributor, which I write in another thread about unable to boot 1st slot and dual channel. So i can no more comment on this timing thing until DFI/AMD solved my problem.
  13. I think it is better for you to open a new topic about your problem. if you have 2 RAMs, put in same colour slots. yellow+yellow or orange+orange.
  14. err, I should change the word "Best RAM" to "Fastest RAM". 512mb module can has tighter timing compared to 1024mb module. i.e. 1.5-2-2-5
  15. All right, a breakthrough discovery was made today after I went to DFI distributor today. I brought along my board, CPU, 2 pairs of RAMs for them to test. The DFI distributor was nice enough to help troubleshoot my problem. They have carried out these steps:- 1) Tested and confirmed my problem was true with the items i have. 2) Opened up new DFI NF4 SLI-DR Expert to test, cannot boot dual channel. 3) Opened up new DFI NF4 Ultra-D to test, cannot boot dual channel. 4) Opened up new DFI CFX3200-DR to test, cannot boot dual channel. 5) Changed my RAM with their old Kingston RAM 2 x 256mb single sided, BOOT dual channel. RAM chip written "Kingston", but i think Kingston is not making own RAM chip. Before giving up, the distributor made a call to a "computer expert" to seek advice. That "expert" just say one thing, "the processor". When I heard that, I feel like, "What!? what to do with processor?? my processor is FX man..." Unwillingly, I change my CPU with DFI old Athlon 64 3000+ CPU to test. what's next? THE SYSTEM BOOT DUAL CHANNEL, WITH ALL TYPES OF RAM THROWN IN!!!!!!!!!!!! I was speechless when i saw that. When i changed back my processor, dual channel boot failed again. The distributor kept telling me that dont worry my processor was fine, was a good one...well if my cpu was damaged then i wont be able to use it all this while. The distributor said they will liase with DFI Taiwan engineering section as well as AMD to sort out the solution. DFI or AMD may directly contact me if needed. Personally i think this is not AMD FX problem, but more to mainboard compatibility problem. This is a really new discovery, the moderator may can make some comments about this in FAQ or something. Ohh ya there is one interesting thing during the test. The distributor tried a wierd way to put the RAM as follow:- CPU : My FX-55 Slot 1 : Value RAM Slot 2 : Value RAM Slot 3 : HyperX RAM Slot 4 : HyperX RAM Guess what? The system BOOT and printed DUAL CHANNEL, 3.6Gb RAM ... LOL... this shouldn't happen. I am now back at home running the system with single channel mode (2x HyperX). Unstable to run at rated 2326-1T stock voltage. Adjusted to 2336-1T at 2.8V at the moment. **** update ***** Single channel unstable. One by one RAM test, one of the HyperX RAM was found unstable at CL2 after overnight stress test. Jesus, what is wrong with Kingston, this is 3rd pair I changed from the shop, all because of one of the pair not stable at CL2.
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