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    a little off topic, but do any of you with the CFX3200 mobo run into ultra-slow loading times? i'm trying to determine whether its the motherboard (since its already a host to so many bugs) or the fact that I am using Vista.... I think it might be Vista, i read up on how DX9 games run slower, but when I'm loading a map and verifying the data, it's SOOOOOO SLOOOOOOOOW.....then when i finally enter the game, i go through about 5-10 of pure choppy (as bad as 10-15 per frame) hell until it gradually clears up and runs great afterwards I'm here playing with my buddy who runs XP and has a much lesser system than mine, and he's already done a round of battle before i finish loading (we join the same game at the same time), it's embarrassing to say the least
  2. DON'T UPGRADE YOUR PSU ... or, at least, I don't think it will fix this problem in particular. (OR maybe we both need to upgrade our PSU, lol) My friend, I believe I am experiencing the exact same problem, from the way you are describing it. I will attempt to describe it further and we can compare notes: a. I too get just a freeze. No reboot, BSOD, or powerdown. Whatever is on the screen at the time simply halts. b. This also happens about 5-15 mins after powering up. c. Whether I'm playing SupCom or just browsing the web, it still happens within the expected timeframe. d. (for what it's worth) When it freezes, the HDD light is always solid. e. I am running Ubuntu Edgy Eft on one hard drive and Vista on another. I only connect one HD at a time. This freezing problem manifests itself in the exact same way on both OS's. Now, I've been using the same hardware before getting this board (PSU included) and only started getting this problem when I installed the CFX mobo. I've come up with a rudimentary solution, see if it works for you: I've noticed that I only get this freezing problem from the initial powerup (i.e. turning it on with the power button after a shut down). When I reset the PC (either before or after it freezes) using the reset button, the freezing problem is gone! Its the weirdest thing but I've been doing it long enough to say it works. -- Admittedly, I haven't changed any RAM timings and just left them at defaults, I do have the latest BIOS though. Maybe it is our RAM timings, but that wouldn't explain how the problem disappears after reboot. It sounds, if anything other than the mobo, like a PSU problem. But then surely my PSU is good enough as it was recommended for this board. Let me know if this helps at all.
  3. I have the same board and same cards, although right now only the CF edition card is in there right now, running on catalyst 7.2. I occasionally get the same "Catalyst Control Centre: Host application has encountered a problem and needs to close." after booting into Windows or briefly after. Shouldn't have anything to do with having 2 cards in there, I think its just a Vista compatibility issue (one of many as we all know) that ATI hasn't yet debugged in their drivers.
  4. Hi ppl, I did a lot of reading about the CFX3200 motherboards both before and after purchasing it (read about how good it was before buying, and how bad it was after buying, lol). As soon as I put in this board, Windows XP loaded fine until I installed the supplied ULi drivers. After that, XP would reboot as soon as the loading screen comes up. After reading about the issues everyone was having, I booted XP into the last known good configuration, flashed my BIOS to 7/28 and installed the 2.20 ULi drivers from Nvidia. After that, all was well! No issues! I rule! Now I am installing Vista on another hard disk (same make, size, but 16mb instead of 8mb cache). The hard disks are not connected at the same time, but rather I move the SATA cables from one drive to the other (so as to not complicate things). Installing Vista was fine and had no problems, until it came to load Vista for the first time. Reboots right at the loading screen, just like XP did before I installed the new ULi drivers. Except Vista is rebooting even with the default drivers! I go into safe mode and I get a msg saying "Windows cannot complete installation in safe mode". How am I supposed to install the correct chipset drivers if I can't even get into Windows in the first place? Like I said, the ONLY difference between this hard disk and the one with XP is the cache size. I thought I'd point that out since it seems to be pertinent. Surely I should be able to at least boot into Vista. All my hardware is fairly new, exactly what Vista is made for! Anything I can try to get Vista to boot up? Any BIOS settings I should be playing with? Should I use the SiL SATA instead? Do I have to change any BIOS settings to enable it? Should I just bite the bullet and buy yet another new motherboard (Asus or Abit perhaps)? If I do however, all the crossfire motherboards I've looked at have the same ULi m1575 chipset, am I just going to have the exact same problems, or is this something unique to the CFX3200, not the ULi chipset? Please help, oh wise ones...
  5. PS to Mack27, I know what you mean by sounding like a jet engine and I love it too! You can hear the power, lol
  6. Hi there, Just letting you all know. I RMA'd the card, got a replacement the very next day and it is working perfectly!!! No more artifacts in 3dmark06. I checked the NCIX.com forums and found a few other fellas who had the exact same problem. Thanks everyone who posted and told me to RMA (I almost didn't!) it. My next posts will now be strictly about overclocking. Gonna read some of the very-useful guides on this forum and let you all know if I have any questions. Cheers!
  7. thx wevsspot....I was already strongly leaning towards RMA'ing it but I will give your advice a go and see if that can fix the problem. If not I am RMA'nig ASAP. Thanks again guys.
  8. Yeah you are right EllisD and davidk21770. I used Tray Tools to make the GPU fan run at 100% and I am STILL getting the same artifacts in 3dmark06. The artifacts have reduced however, but only as good as the big fan did. Now I am frustrated and somewhat discouraged. I've never bought a faulty product before, and I don't look forward to the headache of sending it back for RMA. How long is an RMA / warranty good for usually? Is this something I can have looked at within a few months or a few days? Cause honestly had I not been running 3dmark or something that pushes the card that much, I wouldn't have noticed a problem until a few months later when the bigger games come out. Your help so far has been very useful, thanks again!
  9. I don't void the warranty by running ATI's own Overdrive feature, do I? Cause that Unlock button seems permanent now and won't let me re-lock it, and it recorded the date and time I unlocked it. I'm really conflicted now as to what to do next. I have never RMA'd something and it feels like a headache to do. And if I do, will they find nothing wrong? Is this what the XTX does normally? I read some customer's reviews and the heat issue almost seems commonplace. EllisD, I am hoping you are right about the poor fan speed control. That might explain why the big fan did a good job getting rid of artifacts, but not completely, all the while the built-in fan doesn't get much louder. I think you are right about the fan only going as high as 40-50%. I notice this too. When graphics get intense, I've heard the fan upshift maybe twice, never more, and *certianly* never as loud as the 100% jolt it gives when I boot up the machine. I mean, this fan should be running at 100% before it starts artifacting, right?
  10. davidk21770, you sir, are a genius. Now, as I mentioned before I would have Everest showing me temps right after the 3dmark test started artifacting. Temps we're high but not that high; 70-80 range maybe. I had VERY little faith in this fan idea working. Also, the test would start artifacting at exactly the same point in the test. If temp really is the cause, shouldn't this vary a little each time? What I would get were almost the same artifacts at exactly the same time, almost like 3dmark was programmed to start going screwy at a certain point. ANYWAYS, with all my doubts casted aside, I tried the fan idea anyway. Keep in mind my case was already open from the beginning (not closing it until its 100% at par), and the GPU seems well-ventilated from the looks of it. All I did that was different this time was have a high-powered bedroom fan blowing directly at the circuitry. Everest confirmed the fan's presence as I saw all the component temps trickle down slowly. My GPU in 2d-mode went down to 34*C. I ran the dreaded Test #5: Canyon Flight once more, not expecting any effect. It still began to artifact at the exact same point, but SIGNIFICANTLY LESS! It was the first major change in artifacting I've seen so far! So although the fan doesn't cure the problem 100%, it had a tremendous effect on the amount of artifacting produced. So now, I ask, what would you do now? I know it's gonna be suggested that I get a after-market cooler or even watercooling, but shouldn't these parts be able to run at stock speed with stock parts? Is this RMA worthy? Or is this a reality for anyone running stock parts? Also, EllisD, I tried looking for a way to underclock the GPU in CCC. But the only option seems to be overclocking. In fact now that I've unlocked Overdrive, I can't set anything back to original clock speed! P.S. When running some of these 3d tests, I notice my video card making this faint, high-frequency squealy/squiggly noise, something you probably wouldn't hear with the case closed. Am I just getting paranoid now or could something be genuinely wrong here?
  11. Special thanks to: 21Motorcraft davidk21770 EllisD Sharp Well, I took your advice and I bought both a RAM kit and a PSU from the Street's recommended list. These replaced my old Kingston value RAM and cheap Dynex 500watt, which of course were causing me problems. I ran Memtest86 for 4 hrs on my newly-installed OCZ RAM. Absolutely no errors. I felt reassured at this point that my system was finally stable... ...Until I ran 3dmark06. The first two tests ran great, the CPU test crashed once, but what has been going consistent wrong is the 5th test. The Balloon Fight test will run beautifully up until the dragon starts to soar over the balloon. From this point in the test, the screen will shatter with artifacts and gets progressively worse towards the end until the scene is almost incomprehensible. It didn't crash at least and I got a score of 5793. I checked the GPU and CPU temps, and were around 68 and 46 respectively. I tried Oblivion shortly after, and was met with the same artifacts. I rebooted and tried it again. So far it only blips the occasional artifact and for the the most part runs at max perfermance. Aside from Oblivion being better (so far, haven't tried other games yet either), it still kills me that I can't run a decent 3dmark06. Anyone know what could be the problem? When I see artifacts that bad, the only thing I can think of is heat being the problem, cept it isn't. 70*C at full load is okay for a videocard isn't it? So far I've changed nothing in the BIOS, and have run this newly-perfected rig on whatever settings loaded by default. Is there something that should be adjusted there?
  12. Okay thanks guys I will give it a try. I'll be getting some OCZ Platinum RAM soon enough though, and hopefully that resolves it. If not I will go for the PSU next, cause this Dynex I got at FutureShop ("you fool!", i know what you're thinking, lol, but i only bought one there cause i had a credit card with them) and I don't think its the best quality, in fact i'd say its the lowest quality one could get. Thanks again. sinn98
  13. Hello all and thank you to all the contributors of this great DFI forum. I have just upgraded my system and after having been loyal to Asus mobos for years, I've deicded to try out this DFI I've been hearing about. I put together my system a week ago, and on its first boot up everything seemed fine. I installed Windows without any problems. First thing I went for were the chipset drivers. Driver installation failed due to a corrupted file. So I'm thinking no problem, maybe I should install SP2 first. Sure enough, during installation, error comes up saying one of the .cab files is bad. I tried several reboots and installing these things again, and I would always get a slightly different error, but all in reference to corrupt files. ========================== So here's what I've figured out thanks to this great forum... 1) My two sticks of RAM should be in both orange DIMM slots. (This is how I had it from the start, but I'm glad it was mentioned on the site) 2) Kingston RAM is just flat-out not recommended. (I read the memory advice post, but yet DFI officially supports the exact Kingston value RAM that I have :confused: , I checked their site) 3) If having stability problems, use one stick of RAM in the orange slot closest to edge. This helped me a great deal. With only one stick of RAM, all my installs of chipset drivers, graphics drivers, SP2, etc. carried out without a problem. I was able to install everything normally and get my system set up. But alas, I can't just use 512mb RAM, I have games to play! So I put the second stick back in (2nd orange slot). All seems okay in 2d mode (it did crash once while browsing in firefox however), but 20 minutes into games like Oblivion and Doom 3, the system crashes. I can't possibly live with this, I need my gig of RAM but want my system to be stable when playing games. ============================== So my question is this: Although it's being said that Kingston RAM is no good with these mobos, is there a way to keep it stable for the time being while I seek out and buy better RAM? Should I increase the size of my pagefile? Will that help? Or do I lower the clock speed of my RAM from the BIOS? Must I change any other settings when doing this? Any input would be appreciated, and keep in mind that for now I would rather have my system slightly underperforming than being unstable, so if you have advice that will help me but lower performance, by all means let's hear it. sinn98
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