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  1. Ok happy_games your point was well made and i was in no way trying to start anything, you obviously feel very strongly on the subject and i now know to keep my suggestions and opinions to myself =]
  2. I know exactly what your saying and i agree to a point all i'm saying is its like driving a ferrari, it would be amazing and i'd love to do it but i wouldnt want to know every single component in the car and how it worked to make it as fast as it was... i'd just want to drive the thing, life's too short sometimes thats all i'm saying. It was just a thought that i had Happy_Games thats all, but you gotta remember that not everyone's as good with PC's as you are and by the same token your not as good as me at floorlaying lol =] I wasn't trying to offend anyone i was just offering a suggestion, personally i like trolling through the threads and i have since i joined the site! Enough rambling heh
  3. I know its frustrating but i know how annoying it is to have to troll through hours of reading to find an answer to a problem, i've spent hours and hours since i joined this forum reading thread upon thread to find the answers i need, it would just be cool to have an "ask a question" section to the forum where people can post simple questions and other more expierinced users like yourself can choose to help or not. I'm not being pedantic about this i can just see both sides of the coin... Or maybe i should just keep my opinions to myself heh =]
  4. Appreciate the advice guys thanks! I'm gonna try and go for as much as i can out of these, my next goal will be 265 stable.. baby steps right? =]
  5. hi there i recently bought my OCZ eb plats and have been reading up a bit on them but am slightly confused about something.. i'm running them at 250MHz with a DRAM voltage of 2.64(default) but i've just read this... "The Platinum PC4000 EB comes with a speed rating of 250MHz and timings of 3-3-2-8 1T with a voltage rating of 2.8v." So does this mean i need to up my DRAM voltage to 2.8? And if i do then do i need to change anything else? I did prime test for 8 and a half hours on my current settings and everything was fine i just wondered if i needed to give it the extra voltage.. thanks
  6. I was just wondering if anyone had any real hard evidence that ceramique is better to use than AS5... Ive read alot of posts and people seem to be favouring AS5 on cpu's and Ceramique on chipsets but is there REALLY anything wrong with using AS5 on chipsets? i know about the ceramique being non conductive and all but is it that big a danger? I have both AS5 and Ceramique but i use AS5 on both the cpu and the chipset, is it worth the effort of switching? thanks guys
  7. i would post a link z0de but i didnt think that it was allowed on this forum to post links to other company's or have i got that completely wrong? =]
  8. Just fyi guys i've just installed the HR-05-SLI into my system with a 7900GTX and i've put an 80 fan on it too, its quite literally blown me away its taken around 15 degrees off my chipset and around 10 off my PWMIC (i'm guessing due to the fan) I thought i'd post this information in case anyone else had any doubts about it fitting with this particular card, just trying to be helpful =]
  9. looks like i bought the wrong one too.... doh! fortunately i bought the thermalright hr-05 sli at the same time as i was going to do a comparison test for myself, looks like the hr-05's gonna win this one =]
  10. I use the acoustifan dustproof ones, not the 120's but the 80's but they do make 120's. virtually silent to my earholes but they are expensive, im in the uk and paid about 17 quid for each one and i got 4! they run a bit slower so there quieter but they do still cool my rig really well
  11. The am2 version fits with no modification at all on my 4800 939 just clip it straight in, i think the only difference between the two is the zinc plating that gives it the silver look, not sure if the led colours different... mines green fyi my processor idles at about 28 so you cant argue with that really =]
  12. My way of being brought up always said never look a gift horse in the mouth....
  13. I use the Zalman 9500 am2 version the silver looking one and i cant recommend it enough!
  14. I am wondering would there be any point in buying 4 1gb sticks or is it better to run 2 in dual mode? any info would be appreciated =]
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