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  1. great idea dude. it's easy to replace the fan too, just held in by screws... since there are so many aftermarket video coolers these days... thanks! have done just that, asked my retailer if they can organise that for me.
  2. lol yeah guess we're right hehehe... Still wondering if it's some other cause that may have caused it or if anyone's had a similar experience. Maybe I'm worried I did somethign to it!
  3. thanks for the advice will ziptie a fan near the ram chips and blow it towards the rear of the case exhaust. i forgot to mention that my CPU temps are pretty good. 29 idle, under 36 load. chipset temp is usually below 45. sounds like more volts to the RAM is the way to go
  4. LOL what did you do with your value ram? Didn't fry it right? Thanks for the link dude. I will try more volts again with a 9/10 divider instead. i haven't tried that. should i bother changing bios or just use similar settings DRAM settings to you? I think my CPU can take a bit more, stock is 1.45 i think... max i will go is 1.65. i'm around 1.6 right now... i'll see if that helps with the 3.4v to the ram. might need to do some ghetto air cooling. thanks again mate!!
  5. Hi guys Recently my HIS X1950XT started rattling on me at idle speeds I did a google search and found a few others had the rattling problem with the fan. Version 2 of the card appears to have addressed this issue... Anyone else here have that problem? It's still under warranty but they said it may take like 2 weeks to get it back to me. I still have about 9 months left, so figure I might wait until I'm on holidays before I drop it off. And maybe there's a bandaid fix out there for the time being? Card overclocks great though and temperatures are great!!
  6. Hi guys and gals I'm hitting a brick wall around 2.5Ghz. I recently upgraded my PSU to a Thermaltake ToughPower 750w as someone bought my old Antec 480w PSU. I was hoping to get better results overclocking with this. So far I'm able to run less volts to the CPU, but RAM remains seemingly unchanged, except that I can run it more stably at 230FSB. See, even when underclocking my RAM at say 220FSB and 1/2 or 5/6 divider, I need to give the OCZ Value VX RAM more volts to make it stable... (around 2.8v) :confused: Here's my settings and what I've tried: BIOS: 704-2BTA (currently), 623-2 (similar to 704 results), 510-2fix (need to try next)... Ram in yellow slots FSB Bus Frequency - 230 (250) LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio - 3 CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio - x11 (x10) CPU VID StartUp Value - stock CPU VID Control - 1.45v (no difference over 1.6v) CPU VID Special Control - Above VID * 110% LDT Voltage Control - stock Chip Set Voltage Control - stock DRAM Voltage Control - 2.8v (giving it up to 3.4v didn't seem to help either) Divider: 5/6 works well, 7/10 is OK, 1/2/ causes problems sometimes. Timings: tried stock 2.5-4-4-8, tight 2-3-2-5, 2.5-3-2-5, didnt seem to help. I've searched the database and haven't found many with UTT RAM and venice (and it also doesn't let me search for the words "value") and have followed the overclocking guide. I will start playing with the other memory settings I haven't mentioned above, but if you could steer me in the right direction in case I'm missing something obvious, that would be greatly appreciated I'm at a loss of what else to try. Thanks guys!
  7. hi guys , just to give you all an update: it was the video card that was to fault. i tried it on another computer and the same problem occurred. In future, I won't be buying a fanless video card... i've since upgraded to an HIS ICEQ3 turbo X1950XT. No complaints so far, fan may be a little loud for some, but i'd rather the noise for piece of mind. It sure overclocks well
  8. Cool thanks, I'll try setting RAm timings manually now. Although having said that, in the past when i didn't overclock and left RAM timings auto, nothing like artefacts appearnig on my desktop occured...
  9. Hi Charlie, thanks very much for your help Blowing a fan into the case full blast isn't helping anymore I don't know why it worked so well last night. It's really confusing me, and it passed 3dmark when overclocked too! I've tried multiple drivers, including all the ones I knew worked before, and no luck. I don't think it's a heat issue anymore, temps are around 35C with the fan blowing hard in it. I guess that narrows it down to the BIOS settings and the PSU... or maybe the vid card itself? Which BIOS settings could affect the video card? (I have since set it all back to "Optimised Defaults"). PCI Xpress frequency is set to default 100Mhz... Only other setting is payload, and I've left that default.. and tried 256.. BIOS is the only thing I can really control and try to fix the problem. Everything else probably involves buying something new or getting it fixed by manufacturer.
  10. Along the lines of what Glitch05 said, did you underclock your RAM before overclocking your CPU? Also, I actually found that by running stock timings, I couldn't underclock the RAM to overclock to CPU! But then I tried tight timings, 2-3-2-5 and I could underclock the RAM and overclock the CPU over 230....
  11. hi there, signature is now complete. system was at the top of the thread, sorry, long post. Yes, played games heavily on it before, including neverwinter nights 2, no probs. I've tried overclocking before just the CPU and mem, and had no luck, so I just went back to stock until recently when I tried a different bios and had much better luck. But one thing I never did was overclock the vid card. Power supply is an Antec TrueBlue 2.0 480w PSU
  12. P.S. I've NEVER overclocked the Video card, so it failed benchmarks even before I tried overclocking it
  13. Hi guys, hope you can please kindly help me. I finally got around to overclocking my CPU and Ram. I managed a stable 230FSB x 11 = 2530 GHz @ 1.65v and memory at 1:1 divider, 2-3-2-5 @ 3.2v, about 19 hours stable on prime95 until some round error 0.4... OCCT and SuperPi and Memtest all passed. No VPU overclock whatsoever. When I tried to run ANY 3dmark benchmarks, the screen after a few seconds would go black, as if the vid card shut down. I'd have to do a hard reset. Then I went back to STOCK settings, and the same thing happens with any 3dmark or anything graphic intensive like games. Games did not crash prior to overclocking. I've noticed some black pixels around the icons on my desktop now. And also the screen will streak like crazy in the 3dMarks before crashing. Video card has a "silentpipe" heatsink. I've carefully touched it and it's still cool after a crash. Temperatures seem good: CPU: 30C - 43C PWMIC - 40 - 48C Chipset - 42 - 48C (this was up to 58C before I dusted the NB fan!! This kinda scares me, the end of the video card sits right over the NF4 chipset, could that heat have damaged the vid card?) GPU ATITOOLS is now 57C at idle, 42C on startup. It is saying ENV is 52C. Here's everything I've done tried to solve the problem: 1) Update BIOS to latest official DFI ones 406. I had 704BTA before 2) Update video card BIOS to F3 3) Switch PCIeX slots (made it worse) 4) Installed a clean windows, with latest ATI drivers, also tried omega drivers 5) Dusted the whole computer insides 6) Underclocking Video card GPU and memory 7) I don't have another PC to try the card on 8) Tried blowing a fan on full blast inside the case. NOW, this actually fixed it last night. I could complete a full 3dmark for the first time. I then tried overclocking the video card 20Mhz, and it completed a benchmark fine! I was trying to see if it was the video card which had the problem, or just heat causing the problem. Then tried OC'ing the CPU + mem, with stock video card speed, and it passed 3dmark. Then I tried OC'ing CPU + mem + vid card, and it crapped out. So I went back to stock everything again with the fan blowing into the case, and now it's crashing again. Even if I let the computer cool down for hours and then blow a fan into it, still no good. In hindsight, perhaps it was stupid to trying OC'ing the video card after it started to work. Is my Video card's days over?? I've only had it for about 1.5 years. Don't know if 3dmarks failed before as I've not tried it until OC'ing now! What else could I try? Any help would be appreciated , thank you! Sorry about the long post!
  14. thanks for your advice so what you're saying is by tightening my timings, it should actually run better? Cos i did try running it at 2-2-2-6 and it actually seemed to at least let windows boot... i thought it might have just been a fluke. 1. Do you think my CPU might be capable to be upped more than just 220x11 FSB and it's my ram settings that are holding me back? 2. When I'm concentrating on finding the max CPU mhz, in that case, what do I keep my ram timings at? Because I've kept them at stock timings when upping CPU, but ran a 1/2 divider. Thankyou!
  15. Hi everyone Have been readings heaps on here and finally decided to give the overclocking guide a go. Spent my whole weekend rebooting and testing, but didn't have too much luck. Only managed to overclock my CPU from 2.2ghz to about 2.4 ghz (220 x 11)... when i started playing with the ram, it still wasn't very stable. I was getting SuperPi rounding errors, BSOD before windows login screen and failed Prime95 tests. My CPU temp was always very good, under 40c even with 1.6 volts. NF4 chipset was around 52-54 most of the time, even when at standard clock speed. I kept the ram timings stock (2.5-4-4-8)... I didn't want to take the voltage over 3v. Even at 220 FSB with 1:1 divider, it caused a fair few crashes. An LDT ratio of 3x seemed to make it more stable than 4x @ 220 FSB, but this is probably not ideal. My question is.... is there a weak link in my system causing the instability? The PSU perhaps or the memory? 510-2fix BIOS 3500+ Venice DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D OCZ PC3200 Value VX Winbond UTT (2x512) Gigabyte X800 PCIx video card Thermaltake Shark VA7000 case Thermaltake Beetle CPU cooler Antec TrueBlue 2.0 480w PSU* Barracuda 7200.7 SATA NCQ and SATA 80GB NCQ 7200.8 Thanks in advance
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