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  1. Has anyone tried this release so far, any good..? DFI site stated Major Reasons of Change: 1.Improving SATA port signal integrity. 2.Enhance DDR compatibility when using 4 DDR modules. Which I dun have any SATA issue and use up only 2 DDR modules so far... Wondering anyone tried it and experince any better enhancement apart from the above 2 fixed?
  2. So this should be normal I presume... I was worried about whether I got a bad board or something... Thanks.
  3. Hi all, Need advise on a issue of DFI Infinity UltraII-M2 board, does anyone has this problem of Smart Guardian showing lower voltage than the one set in the BIOS? For example, If the CPU voltage set at 1.35v or 1.45v etc, it could never go pass 1.33v or 1.43v etc as shown in Smart Guardian, even running Prime at full load, the voltage shown at least 0.01v lower than the one set in the BIOS. :confused: Same goes with DRAM voltage, Smart Guardian always shown at least 0.1v lower no matter what I set in the BIOS or even running Prime... As I know, most board monitoring tool normally shown same or higher voltage than the one set in the BIOS, sometimes even higher when running Prime on full load... The symtom is kind of like the board could not accept full voltage..? Or it's just a minor Smart Guardian reporting error..? :confused: Appreciate any advise and thanks in advance.