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  1. rockie I have the same problem with my setup going past 250, so i went with 240 x 11. Running great at 1.42, prime stable for 8 hrs. i'm new to this, so i don't know if this is a good setting. But you might try it.
  2. run "msconfig" startup tab uncheck smart guardian restart
  3. i read the sticky for this...downloaded and replaced the data file. Didn't use the config wiz. I like the program from the shots i've seen, and want to use it. But don't know why, when i start it up it, shuts down my computer. thanks for any help.
  4. I have installed all the drivers and system just does seem right, its running, but just slow. The one i built for my brother in law at same time as this one, was a socket 754 with a 3500 was so much faster than my old p4 2.8 and this new one. I used the same windows cd for his, i know its a good cd. I wondering if i have a setting some where off in the bois, or some hardware problem. if anyone has any ideas that would be great. thanks.
  5. did it happen again for you??? how did you fix it, or have you just continued to run like that??
  6. Hi i'm new to the boards. I've been reading the forums since i purchased my DFI, (great forum, by the way) I have now recieved it and ran everything up. The only problem is the when installing windows i'm not getting the setup up screen, where you enter your log-on name and internet settings. It just skips that step. I've relized this when setting up another computer that i bulid with my new computer for my brother in law. I can still boot and run windows, i haven't loaded any drivers yet. I have installed twice with the same problem. Gives me the log-in name of "adminastrator". I do have my memory set to 2.0v, everything else is on auto. Is this a problem?? Does this mean i have a faulty part?? thanks for any help.
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