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  1. Hi guys noticed my temps were up about 6-7 degrees with no increase in ambient temps and no settings change, just running folding as normal.... Noticed in Smart Guardian that all the voltage readings were slightly over their rated figures eg. 3.43v on the +3.3v reading, +5v, +3v and +1.5v, Ram, NB, LDT, ALL UP, as well as the CPU reading 1.36v (normally reads 1.32v at '1.35' in BIOS, or 'Auto') All readings were a couple of tenths of a volt over what they normally read.... and I realised that going into standby and waking it back up (which i never normally use) had caused all the voltages to increase... they return to their usual readings after a reboot... - can someone explain this?? Also, I am generally concerned about the PSU +12 output normally being 11.83v (according to Smart Guardian) when it is clearly capable of continuously outputting 12.09v (although apparently only after standby) - I do aim to test the PSU with a multimeter within the next couple of weeks when i get access to one, but should i be concerned? The PSU is still under 6 months old so I can return it easily if it's not right. I'm going to be watercooling soon and aiming for the max overclock of this well respected stepping, so I want to be confident I've got the right power to do the job, any insight into the voltage increase after standby and also the general output of the PSU would be much appreciated...
  2. I'd been using MBM and ITE SmartGuardian to monitor so far - just downloaded Core Temp and yeah - it reads about 10 degrees higher... Does this mean programs such as MBM and SmartGuardian etc are not to be trusted?? This Opteron seems to be running a good 5 degrees or so higher than my X2 was doing, and that was running 1.55v... Do Optys run any hotter? (I could have not seated the heatsink as well this time...will redo it in a few days if there's no improvememt) The opty is at 1.425v atm, but running around 48-49 degrees load under MBM - but an alarming 60 and 52 respectively under Core Temp.... (presumably that would mean i'd been running my X2 over 50 degrees according to Core Temp as well....)
  3. Thanks for the reply, I hoped that would be the answer, couldn't find much supporting evidence for needing a burn-in... As for max voltage on air cooling - surely the cooling method doesn't matter as long as the temperatures stay below dangerous limits? - I always keep the CPU below 50 at load... I do use a SI-128 and will be putting a 110CFM fan on soon, also switching to more powerful 120s in the case, and I have one setup to blow over the PWM IC area to help keep the board and ram a little cooler... So temps will always stay below 50 degrees... Obviously I would rather use as little voltage as possible, especially seeing as this stepping should reach around 2.8 at stock voltage, but how would having water cooling make voltages over 1.55 any less risky? Sure the temperature would be lower but surely that isn't an issue as long as it is below 50 or so on air??
  4. Hey guys I've just switched out my X2 4800 for a brand new Opteron 165 CCBBE 0610 DPMW, need a little advice on how to get the best from it... Firstly, is it worth doing any kind of burn-in sequence, or sticking to stock voltage for a few days before finding the OC limit?? Normally I fold 24/7 and was hoping to get stress testing with OCCT etc, but realised maybe this is not advised on a brand new chip??? Secondly, do i trust the BIOS Vcore reading, as all the software readings (CPU-Z, Sandra, Smart Guardian etc) show around a 0.2v difference, as if it is undervolting....??? My 4800 needed 1.65v to get to 2.7, although temps stayed below 50 with my SI-128, but I left it running at stock for a couple of months before OCing it, I basically don't want to cause any extra stress on the new Opty as the reports suggest 3GHz possibilities for this stepping An initial test run of 2.8 at stock voltage suggests it will live up to it's reputation, but I noticed 46-47 degrees when running folding, don't know whether this is down to the AS 5 not being bedded in yet, as I'm intending to add some voltage to find the ceiling... Sorry for rambling a little, I'm a bit exciting about this stepping! Found it still sealed from a great seller guy on ebay, couldn't resist! Any info on a burn-in, voltage limits for initial use periods etc would be greatly appreciated, also any tips on which voltage reading I can trust would be excellent!
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