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  1. Hmm, well that seems to have been much ado about not much. Turns out I have a bad stick of RAM. When I got home (where I'm typing from now), I poped out the stick that was in DIMM 3 and sure enough, I booted right up. Then, to make sure it wasn't just a fluke, I powered down all the way and tried to boot again. This time I got the 3 led/post error. Not to be discouraged, twice more, powering all the way down and then back up, and I seem to be working now. Of course, if I put the other stick in, I'm back to the 3 led/post error. Seems that the RMA to DFI wasn't necessary after all. Oh well. I'm off to RMA my ram. Thanks for all the help guys, I'll definetly frequent back here in the future.
  2. Yeah, I've seen this happening. The system starts up with the power led solid, then flashes for a couple of seconds, then goes back to solid. I don't remember exactly, but I believe the bios beeps after the led is done flashing. I'll try hitting delete while the flash is going on to see if that helps.
  3. I have tried running with only one stick of ram. It was placed in DIMM 2. The first time I tried this,probably Wednesday or Thursday of last week, I recieved the result I described above (one led, logo, nothing else). Immediatly after this, I did a very quick clear (two minutes I believe, maybe three) and the system actually started and I got into the bios. I set all settings to optimized (F7), set the clock, and restarted. It worked great. At the time, I was running just the board in a bare minimum setup, so none of my drives were plugged in. I shut down the sytem, put everything in the case and plugged all of my drives in. I restarted the computer, and it gave the the 3 led/dram post error. I don't remember exactly what I did after this, but I probably did a cmos reset for a couple of hours, booted, and got the one led/logo/system hang. Since then, I've only been able to get to the one led/logo/system hang if I do a cmos clear for a couple of hours. And I only get one shot. Once I get to the system hang, the reset button does nothing, and I can hold down the power button to turn the system off, but it will not turn back on via the power button unless I switch the psu off and back on, at which point pressing the power button gives the three led/dram error. I'm all for trying each stick in each slot, but it will take a while, as I'll probably need to do a cmos clear between each try. But if I do get it to boot, the system will probably just do what it did the first time and refuse to boot again after I get the bios set up. I'll start working on that this evening and let you know how it goes. And yes, I'm using a ps2 keyboard. Also, you seem to be using the same type of memory I am. Different brand, but the same chips. I've heard of something called the coldboot problem which seems to be something about DFI boards not liking the Winbond UTT chips. Do you know anything about this?
  4. About a month back I put up a post about how I was unable to get my CMOS to clear and thus boot my system. To sum it up: I had been tweaking my ram settings and tried to reboot; upon reboot, my system would freeze up during POST showing three of the red leds and give me a dram beep code. I figured that if I could get into the bios and set everything back to default, that I would be good. But, being unable to boot, I had to use the CMOS clear jumper. At the time I was unable to make this work. At all. I could not get the CMOS to clear and the system would always boot to the 3 led/post error state. Figuring that there was something wrong with my mobo, I sent it back to DFI for an RMA. That was two Saturdays before last. I recieved the board back on Wednesday of last week. However, upon recieving the board, there was no documentation of any type detailing what DFI had done with my board. I havn't yet sent the RAM dept. an email as I really havn't had time. Anyway, with the board back, I've been able to fiddle about with it again. Doing so, I have finally been able to make the CMOS clear. As it turns out, I was doing the process incorectly. I had been following ExRoadie's instructions, but had neglected to hold down the power switch for the whole period of the clear time. A lack of understanding on my part. Anyway, I'm now able to clear the CMOS and boot the system...but only part way. In ExRoadie's instructions, we are told to hold down the insert key during system boot. As I understand, this causes the bios settings to go to default. After the post beep, we are to release the insert key and press the delete key to enter the bios setup screen. While I'm able to boot, and hear the post beep, and see the DFI logo on my screen, pressing the delete key does not take me into the BIOS and the system will not progress any further. It stops after the post beep and displays a single diagnostic led. While this is heads and tails above where I was before, I'm still not really where I want to be (up and running). If anyone knows anything about this problem, I'd love to hear about it. Since the system we're talking about is my only system at home, I may not have super quick replies as I'll only be able to access the 'nets while at school or work.
  5. Ok, last night I tried booting with the ram (mine) in different slots to see if there would be any difference. Unfortunetly, there was not. I'm trying another clear now, hopefully better results this time. What is the process involved with RMAing a board?
  6. I have not, but should be able to do that easily enough. However, I won't be able to post the results until tomorrow afternoon. Yeah, I borrowed a friends ram. I was just some cheap 512 stick. The results were the same.
  7. During the clear I just did, there was no ram on the board during the clear and then only one stick after I tried to start up again.
  8. Ok, I'm back. The clear did not work. As far as I can tell, that was the last thing that I could pull off. I'm really not sure what to do now. Any kind of advice would be helpful. Also, if there are any questions reguarding my situation, please feel free to ask.
  9. Hey all. Here's the situtation. I'm dealing with the three LED, no boot problem. This has happened to me before in the past and I've usually had no problem clearing the CMOS and getting my BIOS options all set up again. This time my system is being stubborn. I've tried every CMOS clearing procedure I can find on this site and nothing has worked yet. I'm currently in the midst of a 24 hour clear following ExRoadie's instructions. It should be done in about 3 hours. On the off chance that this clear doesn't work, what else can I try? Are there other clearing procedures? Do I need to actually RMA my board? Well, the clear didn't work. Seeing as ExRoadie's process is the most indepth one I've found, I'm not sure what else to do.
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