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  1. oooooookkkkk, ur peer pressure has worked! @ Goremageddon: terribly soory m8 - forgot I had shown an interest in ur ram.. is it still available? r u willing to ship international? edit: just looking @ pics - is it a 2x1gb kit or 4x512mb kit?
  2. mm ok, pity.. thanks for the nice smooth trade then! anyone looking, let it be known that lauboi is a pleasure to deal with, & posted out my item real quick, would recommend to anyone :toast:
  3. lauboi: u sure know how to scare someone correction, AMD sure know how to scare someone!.. the CPU came in today mate - cheers! When I looked @ it, it was missing the 'usual' " X2 " print on the IHS - I shat myself! I thought u had sent me a 3800+ single-core! I was like 'noooooooooooooo' so I plugged in ma PC, & what do u know, its a DC it would appear that the early batches werent printed with the " X2 " on them thanks a million once again! u got a heat account? would u like me to leave u some?
  4. hey lauboi - did u OC the CPU? if so, what did u get it to with what settings & config (ie mobo)? cheers!
  5. I managed to get a hold of that CPU! thus i have found a X2 4200+ thats all I need/want folks! thank u! I will keep the thread open till I recieve lauboi's X2-3800+
  6. one X2 found! Thank u lauboi! looking for one more - preferably with higher clock speed @ stock!
  7. nice find! thank u! hopefully i'm not too late!
  8. check out dfi arrogance: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=175288
  9. ***READ THIS*** I live in Australia - so if u dont like/want to deal international - bye bye! ******* I am wanting to buy TWO AMD Dual-Core SOCKET 939 CPUs! prefer 'low-end' (but definitely not the X2 3600+ ) wouldnt mind one X2 3800+ & one X2 4200+ I have flawless Ebay & Heatware (all Heat feedbacks are from international trades ) username for both is: tiro_uspsss thank you very much for looking!
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