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  1. Cool!!!!!! Thanks a lot! It's going to take me a few days to update my sig as my main rig's Waterblock leaked over the weekend and I don't have access from this keyboard to my Photobucket account.
  2. I had Canada plates on my car while posted to Germany. Some dude in Belgum asked me how long the ferry ride was........
  3. Do some homework on the board you're looking at. I don't know the model# but I do know that there have been major problems with one of the early release evga boards which still hasn't been resolved yet.
  4. Where????? This has been driving me nuts for over a year!!!!!! (You are talking about turning on the "bit accurate playback" right?????)
  5. Heh..... I can't imagine somebody doing a kareoki (sp?) disturbed song......
  6. Bring it on!!! I'm holding my breath waiting for both a new AMD platform (AM2 is not gonna fly..... why would I want to invest in ddr2 for what is basically the same performance as a s939 board) & a new ATI platform to hit the street (I can't believe it's taken this long for them to release a DX10 board). I'm not a complete "fan boy" of both products (I jumped to Nvidia when ATI didn't really have anything decent in the low-midrange series of cards), but I do know what I normally like and both those brands are it. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll be ready to start doing some major upgrades and ATI/AMD will be ready to offer me a choice.
  7. Thanks, I think I ran across that in my travels but got it confused with the lightscribe drivers.
  8. Has anybody come across a freeware or opensource program to do lightscribe image burning with? My nero (lite) doesn't recognize it, and for some reason "sonic" doesn't show up in media player. The only program I've found was droppix, but it's a 30 day limited shareware app. Any ideas? (hell.... even a live linux distro with lightscribe support would do the trick.......).
  9. I'm hoping kccustom is still around offering excellent sigs. Don't know if you keep the layered pics around after you're done with them, but if you do, would it be possible to change the text to reflect my new hardware? 520 modstream has been replaced with a 600w GameXstream, & the BFG 6600GT has been replaced with a Sapphire X1950pro. If you don't keep the layered pics around forever, I believe the original link is still good to my daughter's pic. Thanks. http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m304/ss...rl_finished.jpg
  10. Water jetting? Is that a pre-paint prep or some form of cutting process? (BTW...... somebody's using wayyyyyy too many procs on the folding team.... ).
  11. I'd think that if you're already considering cutting a hole in the top for a blow hole, you should re-think your aversion to enlarging the front hole for a 120. Especially if it can be done without it being visible outside of the case. Your options for high cfm intake fan are a lot better in the 120 class than they'll ever be for an 80.
  12. Ok, where do I sign up to get a non-job like that???? Looking forward to seeing this build, the last one was super clean, I'm expecting greatness again.
  13. I remember seeing a "completely quiet" mod on the back pages of Maximum PC that used the case as a heat sink, as well as outer fins similar to the Voodo from the last post.
  14. I've been unable to find anything local so I've got a workaround I'm going to try. I'll post back if it works. I'm thinking that I might be able to get two different sizes of tubing (I'm thinking 1/4" and one slightly larger), split them "down one seam", and then join (I'm going to try sewing with fishing line) them together back to back. Don't know if that's a good description of what I'm talking about, but hopefully I'll get a chance to pick some up this weekend and I'll post a pic of the final product.
  15. Yep..... I think it was Maximum PC magazine who did a full range of thermal testing to see if an aluminum case was actually cooler than a steel one. It wasn't.
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