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  1. Hello. I recently purchased an LG L1953S (19") but I haven't taken into account its connectivity. it doesn't support dvi, it has only a d-sub connector. so i was wondering, is there any qualitative difference between d-sub 15 pin and dvi? my monitor supposedly has 5 ms response time, 300cd/m2 and 2000:1 contrast, so i guess it`s pretty good. but am i loosing picture quality because of the d-sub connection? would it make sense exchanging my monitor for another one with the same price and with dvi, but lower performances (dvi monitors seem to be more expensive, even if it doesn't make sense)? I'm pretty new to lcd monitors and i was kind of surprised that it`s pretty hard watching a movie because the brightness of the display differs with the viewing angle (on a vertical axis, i mean). if i lay in my bed (so that my eyes are below the monitor`s height) movies are pretty dark. if i look from an upper height, everything is too bright. so, again, my question is, could the dvi connection solve this problem? is this a common lcd problem or does my display has some issues? oh, and black isn't quite black if you know what i mean...it`s a little grayed out. again, i repeat the questions above. is this the d-sub connector`s fault? is this a common lcd problem? hey thanks for the patience to read this and i`m looking forward to your input.
  2. what? doesn`t the 7950 have 2 gpus?! it's a totally different card people! it could be a downclocked 7950 GX2, but surely not a downclocked 7900GTX. stop comparing apples and tomatoes.
  3. i`m considering buying a new psu and i can`t afford a very expensive one, but currently only top of the notch psu`s have 8-pin power connectors. so will any of the 2600 require the 8-pin power connector?
  4. in the 6000's series there was a different situation. one 8600GT (you said GT, not GTS) can't even beat one 7600GT. dude, the 8800GTS is the way to go!! it will be far better than 2 8600GT's (a loooooooot better)
  5. thanx for all the advices! i`ll get me a 550W thermaltake probably tomorrow. anyway i tend to think that the psu is to blame for my busted video card
  6. come on people, isn`t there anybody who knows this?
  7. no sweat I found out the hard way. Just connect a probe to the black ground wire and place the other probe somewhere in the left or right (this probably depends on your motherboard) part of the ram slot. anyway, my problem is that the computer sometimes freezes, suffers repeated shutdowns...i checked the 12V,5V,3.3V rails and they're ok. the RAM voltage is perfect too (by the way, the BIOS apparently measures RAM voltage very precisely). so all the rails are fine, but why am I having those problems? the psu of course. funny thing is that one of my video cards got busted so the psu has one less gfx card to power. So uh...there was a time when the pc ran fine @ this configuration, but with 2 gfx cards. I now have only one left and I get all these problems. Maybe the psu just can't provide 450W or maybe my system needs more power than that, even if I truly doubt it. so uh...how can I check those 2 things mentioned earlier? the power my pc draws and the real wattage the psu can generate? PS: pardon any spelling and/or grammatical errors..i slept 2 hours in the last 40 hours so i`m pretty tired right now
  8. Hey there guys. How can I measure the actual voltage on the RAM through hardware means (with a multimeter for example)?
  9. those rams just seem a really bad choice for overclocking with those huge timings at stock speeds. ram is definitely your problem. but i have a similar problem: if i set my divider to 133 and the FSB at 300 (should result DDR399) the system won`t even boot. i tried setting even lower FSB speeds and loose timings at this divider. my point is this: the divider may be your problem set the FSB at 270, loosen the timings and set the divider at 166 (that would be 0.83). so set your ram at 3-4-8-4 just to be safe, set your command rate (CPC) at 1T and if it isn`t stable, set it at 2T. search for the stock voltage of this ram, as 2.8 just sounds a little too high...hope you haven`t messed up one of your sticks with that voltage...but anyway, you go ahead and try the settings i`ve told you and i hope this will do the trick, i`m waiting for the results.
  10. dude i strongly recommend you reading the amd overclocking guide. it explains a lot of things. increasing your FSB affects your RAM speed, as your RAM speed = FSB * divider. so the wisest choice to do for you lucky FX owners is to find the maximum MHz at the lowest timings your RAM can handle and then increase the multiplier. this way, you`ll get the maximum cpu speed and the maximum ram performance. so, to properly answer your question, FSB increase has "more" impact upon stability, as it affects more components. increasing the cpu multiplier affects the CPU only.
  11. i may very well be wrong about this but as far as i can remember, the HTT was some sort of a communication channel between the RAM and the CPU. so as long as you don`t bring it below your DDR speed you shouldn`t see any performance decreases. of course, when you do overclock it above your ddr speed, you won`t get any performance increases.
  12. ok here's something which might sound very stupid: are you sure the card is properly inserted in the slot? maybe just a few of those lanes are not making proper contact or something. just push it a little harder. and try cleaning the slot a little bit of any possible impurities. a while ago, when i was the proud owner of a k6-2 400MHz, i had a sound problem: it just didn`t work and the sound card wasn't recognized. i took it out, i tested the slot anyway i thought possible, i cleaned it etc...i`ve inserted it again and repeated the operation many times. some guy realised what was the problem: the damn card was bent, thus being half in the slot, half besides it so...the conclusion is that you should look at the stupidest possible reasons...you never know. i really don`t know any other method to make sure your slot is to blame...just try cleaning it and make sure the card is properly inserted..sorry dude i`m not at my pc right now so i can't be of much assistance. i`ll get home monday and i`ll check to see if my infinity boots from the second slot but i`ve got a hunch that monday is too late.
  13. man have you checked the jumper configuration on your hdds? make sure your 80 GB (the one that has the windows you wish to boot) one is set as master, and the rest of the suckers are slaves or on cable select. mess with the jumpers a little bit and the problem's over.
  14. Redbeaver i`m sorry for your problems. it's too late anyway and i`m not even at home, but from what i know, the MB itself can't use the second PCI-E slot as the primary one. it's a strange thing that windows can't detect it at all though...your slot might just be busted, as the power lanes are different from the actual data ones (that's the reason why the fans are spinning but no data can be sent or received to/from the video card). maybe this is a bit off-topic but as "simple" as my infinity's sli setup may be, i`m getting an almost 100% performance increase in 3dmark05 for instance. oh and i did hit 3 ghz with this baby.
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