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  1. Ok, so after a little talking to a buddy of mine, he loaned me his OCZ GameXStream OCZ 600W PSU recommended in the guides here. I made sure that (#1) ALL power connectors were connected to the board (as they were with the other PSU) AND I am still having the same problem. Again, this is not everytime. I'd say it happens about every 1 in 10 times, if I were to guess. Also, I never had my machine freeze with the other PSU as you said yours did. Any other ideas?
  2. Ok, here's a problem I haven't been able to find on the forums here: Occasionally when I turn on the computer, or reboot my system, it hangs on the POST and goes no further. It shows on the screen "Detecting HD.......". Now, if I again reboot the system when this occurs (using the Power button), it reboots and everything fires up and posts as it should. Like I said, this isn't everytime and is quite puzzling. Any ideas?
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