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  1. So you think all that my problem is a weak PSU. But shoudn't I get into the BIOS with no drives attached, no additional cards installed and a PCI (NOT PCI-E !!!) GFX card? I even tried a different PCI-E gfx card which don't need an additional plug from the PSU, but in all cases, the system stopped at VGA detection.
  2. Hallo! I bought a DFI lanparty UT nF4 SLI-D by ebay and I am wondering if the board is broken or not. First I made a CMOS reset, installed the CPU, Memory and at last the PCI-e gfx card. I turned on the computer but there was no POST. I tried both PCI-e 16x ports and even a PCI gfx card in both PCI ports. But there was nothing to see on the monitor. The diagnostic LEDs remained with the VGA detection LED (most left) on and one beep occured. Is the board broken or am I to stupid to set a the DFI board? Thanks in advance for your answers, Benni
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