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  1. My sata 2 raid 0 crashed. Disk read error. I might have a bad sata port on the MB, Or it might be a bad cable, can I move it to sata port 3 & 4 and do the change in bios? I will change the sata cables out when I get home, But if that dont work. I am thinking a bad sata port. Thanks for any info.
  2. WOW! That is GREAT! As I have a fX-55 stock @ 2.6 and this 5389 was my score on 06. with card @ 670/800 Wonder what I am doing wrong?
  3. Well the test is in! 3Dmark06 What do you think?? Main Test Results 3DMark Score 5389 3DMarks SM 2.0 Score 2738 Marks SM 3.0 Score 2633 Marks CPU Score 1018 Marks Detailed Test Results Graphics Tests 1 - Return to Proxycon 21.963 FPS 2 - Firefly Forest 23.672 FPS CPU Tests CPU1 - Red Valley 0.32 FPS CPU2 - Red Valley 0.518 FPS HDR Tests 1 - Canyon Flight (SM 3.0) 23.834 FPS 2 - Deep Freeze (SM 3.0) 28.831 FPS
  4. Thanks For the info.. I think I will sell them, And get some more Gskill and bring it up to 4 GB,
  5. Thanks! On page 86 it shows a ton of cards the drivers work with. And GTO is there. My mistake Sorry,
  6. Ok Thanks.. I could not find any metion of 7900 GTo in driver database 91.47, But I will try again tonight. Thanks !! Both of you for the help/info.
  7. Those 91.47 drivers are for 7950 cards.... Nvidia dont even have drivers for this GTO as it is so new to the market.. even 7900 seires drivers dont suport GTOs.. the new 7900 Driver said hardware is incompatable with my GTO Card.. So I do belive I have the newest GTO drivers. If I get Crazy! I just might flash it to a x1950xtx !! Thanks tho...
  8. Yes only with 3dmark.. I played UT2004 of full for 1 hour and all looked great! Still got my A$$ kicked tho. I thought with this new rig I would wipe them all away! LOL I will try the new drivers Thanks!
  9. Ok I ran 3dmark06 and seen no differance. The first 2 videos ran ok. But when the 3rd test started it frozz up. Had 0 fps out of the first 2 I had at the most 26 fps and mostly 15-20 fps?? This is at stock speeds and at 700/800 Same thing happens on 3dmark05 and 3dmark06. I might just have a bad card... But I did notice that on the first video the barber pole afect was gon but its seamed to be running in slow motion.. Man! Why me??
  10. I am Not sure what drivers but they came with the card. I just see in the 3dmark05 there is lots of lines flickering on the poles stairs ect? looking like barber stripe poles. Lot of jagged lines nothing smoth.. I will test tonight when I get home with 3dmark06. And set the clock to norm I think it was 650mhz. This is a new bulid so I will also load a game and see how it looks warter/textures/details/ect. The mem hits 800 with no prob.
  11. I have 2 sticks of gskill 2 x1gb pc3200, In and working... I also have 2 sticks of 512 pc3200 corsair value select. Would it not be a good idea to put them in along side the gskill. so I would have 3 gb 1.5 on each chanel.. Not oced..
  12. I am going to reinstall 3dmark05 Or even try 3dmark06. Stock speed or maxed out on coolbits @ 700/800 all looked/did the same.
  13. I just got a new GTO. And when I run 3dmark05 At stock speeds. After the 3rd screen test it slows down to 3fps and starts to go nuts? Why is this? Thanks 3d score gives me (10265)
  14. Sorry David..... But, Monarch Sucks!! But if you are willing to wait 2 weeks for delivery, And dont care much about service.. Then, WOW! Great Deal!!................ I Just Love My New 700W OCZ GXE!
  15. O" I dont have time to look at no stinking Guide! J/K I will get to reading it in the morning.. When the beer is gone. Thanks again!
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