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  1. Hi, Does anyone knows if I can use the Zalman ZM-NBF47 on a DFI Infinity 975X/G MB with some modifications? At the current moment, the correct installed positions of the loop hooks are exactly on the opposite end of the loops that are on the motherboard. Thank you.
  2. Hi there, I think I have a seriously problem with my CPU and NB as they are HOT! On idle CPU is about 50C and NB is about 50C. Then on Full Load I get about 80C for the CPU and 58C for the NB. I have tried to apply Artic Silver 5 on the CPU and NB but the temp is the same. So I was if the CNPS9500-AT would fit on the Infinity 975X/G in a GTR Case ZL02 and the GTR Power Supply GX480. And also what should I use for the NB cooler as I have a Zalman ZM-NB47F but I can't install it cuz the loop are on the opposite position. Also what are the normal working temperature for the NB and CPU? As I would like to keep my hardware expanding their MTBF. Thank you. Regards, Kengie
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