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  1. to answer you all im based in England with no air con... 55' is temp whilst sat idle ... no programs running just desktop and not connected to net. Post boot temp is 57' then drops back to 55' at idle... if i run i game temp rises to 60' .... i have 1 side panel removed to allow extra air inside case cpu is seated properly and i used a silver mix compound to seat it. dont wanna risk damage to cpu / mainboard so am thinking bout underclocking it till i can sort out problem with heat. Temp with new fan and V7 are the same... i assume they are correct as MBM / Sisoft / Bios all say the same but dunno if the sensor is defective and/or misreading as hiolding hand close to the cpu/heatsink doesnt feel or smell overly hot. i have latest bios flash on. Is there another way to test temp without using onboard sensor?
  2. Hi all :Help appreciated with a cooling problem i got I have just bought a L7VTA mobo , 256 DDR ram and a AMD Athlon 2200+ CPU. My old cpu was a duron 1200 that ran at around 42' my current temp is 55' i have tried a volcano 7 fan and the reommended fan for amd 2200+ - 3200+ its only a cheapie but its what they recommend for there high end cpus. I have also installed 2 80mm case fans to try and drop the temp but to no joy... any suggestions on a better fan or is this temp normal
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