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    What is your connection speed/type?

    fios 30mb down / 15 up
  2. nukleuz

    Fs:qx6700 Retail

  3. nukleuz

    Fs:qx6700 Retail

  4. nukleuz

    Fs:qx6700 Retail

    [intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Kentsfield 2.66GHz 2 x 4MB L2 Cache LGA 775 Processor - Retail comes with the heatsink and everything As awesome of a processor this is, I simply do not have a use for it. Hopefully someone here will. Asking $450 shipped and insured for it
  5. nukleuz

    1gb Rdram Aka Rambus Ram

    LOOKING FOR 1 OR 2 GBS OF THIS OLD RAM FOR AN OLD MACHINE so if you have any laying around you want to let go for real cheap,plz pm me with your offer these are old and it's for an old machine so no outrageous prices!!
  6. nukleuz

    500gb sata hard drive

  7. nukleuz

    500gb sata hard drive

    I'd rather you give me a price and if i think it's a good deal,i'll buy it thank you
  8. nukleuz

    500gb sata hard drive

    i'm looking for a western digital 500gb sata 2 hard drive.i've seen the one on newegg but want to try my luck out here first so if you got this,please pm me thank you
  9. Dell OEM. You will receive full version win xp installation dvd $75 for Dell windows xp media center edition DVD OEM with priority shipping, delivery confirmation included. A piece of hardware or a functioning dell computer can be enclosed via OEM rules. also have for sale Might and Magic: Dark Messiah Its brand new and never used. It came with my 8800GTX, so it's the game only. $25 shipped also have Ghost Recon for $23 WinTV-GO-Plus comes with only the card and software,i dont have the ir blaster or remote $32 also a zalman 9500 led used for $42shipped i can take pics if requested I accept paypal non-cc or money order
  10. glad you got your mobo working there
  11. yeah this is what i'd like to know too,i already sold the board but can always buy another one if it's been resolved