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  1. haha, cool, thx for your replies by the way. I'll try a PCB mounting female USB connector. wonder where in the world I'll find those. google... and yes, I know, the monitor was just a joke osama
  2. worthless? you mean, it wont work? or that I wont be able to use it for anything else after that? lol, and the monitor idea isnt so bad either
  3. yo! here are the pics. So as you can see here, I want my USB cam to be up at front, and the USB wiring to be done inside the case. Right now, I just have the USB cable drawn from the front, which I plan to clip off the end shown here: I will take the severed USB cable, which has 4 little wires in it and will connect to connectors like these: which I pulled out from a really old PC and plan to plug them into the pins on the motherboard shown here in the pink section: I want to confirm with everyone that I can do this. Because I dont want to mess up my camera. And I plz need quick replies.
  4. He guys, thanks to all the posts and help here, I have my computer up and running. And it's darn sexy too. What I'm planning on doing right now is take a USB webcam, cut the USB metal port off of the cable and wire it to the onboard USB on the motherboard? Do you think this is possible. If you take apart the usb wire, it has four little wires. wiring them up to the pins is cool right? I will try to post some pics within the next 1 or 2 hours.... This will really pimp everything guys.
  5. no.... haha, you know what the problem was? when i looked at the bios options closely, I noticed the option to enable the "BIOS settings cacheable" in the advanced chipset menu. fixed it, and now it's working like a charm. glad there was nothing wrong with the board though. and thx for the reply:)
  6. see, but the thing is if i dont pull the power cord or shut off the psu after shutting down computer, it's fine. even for days. but the minute I shut off psu switch or power cable, the bios resets. basically, if the standby power led ever goes off, the bios resets. this is a new board too. havent even touched the battery.
  7. Aye aye aye! I just dont know what to say. I've grown to love my dfi ultraII-M2I infinity but sheesh this things keeps pooping on me sometimes. between regular boots it's ok. but whenever i touch that switch behind the psu and leave it off for the night or something, the next morning i find the bios settings have been reset. why doesnt it save my settings? this makes OC'ing a pain in the rear cuz it keeps reverting to its own thing. help???
  8. Hello folks, This is my first post here at the street. Hope I'm following all the rules here instead of barging in:rolleyes: I did read the stickies and search a bit. I'm building my first rig with the parts from my sig. The part that puzzles me is how do I wire the PSU up to the fans? The fans have power connectors and those 3pin connectors. Those 3pin ones should go the mobo right? How many fans do the mobo and psu support? I have three fans(excluding cpu fan), all of them 120mm. And only one of them has the additional small 3pin connector. The other two came with the case and only have power connectors. Also, for the DFI Infinity NF UltraII-M2, does it still need four power connectors for stability as the lanparty does? Last question: I was reading the manual and there is a 4pin socket on the mobo to plug in sound cable from my samsung optical drive. do i need really need this cable? never heard of it before...:confused: and i havent finished my build yet, waiting for the 7900GS, but if there is any incompatibility with any of my parts, plz let me know. thx guys. this forum rocks! Edit: for your convenience, here is the link to the PSU official site: http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=22550
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