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  1. Hehe, I wish it was that simple. I've been doing PSU research for a couple of months now. Decided I wanted to not have to worry about power untill the day comes that I've got a full SLI set-up, plus Ageia, if it's ever more than a novelty..., full RAID array, etc, lol. Seriously though, you mean to tell me that people buy DFI Expert products, knowing they're the most demanding and choosy boards on the market, and just say, "Well, my $xxxx.xx system is looking good, so I'll @#%$ it all up and use a junk psu(insert problem component here)." I've never understood the idea of having an (Opty/FX/X2), decent to good video card, quality hard drives, high end ram, and a psu that can vary by more that 15% at load.... Maybe it's my engineers training speaking, hehe. Again, thanks for the input everyone. I appreciate it greatly.
  2. Hehe, I hit the buy button a couple days before I logged onto Newegg to place the order. Trust me, I want an FX-60, not an opteron. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with an Opteron at all, it's just not what I need ATM. Again, thanks for the help everyone. I did decide to go with OCZ Gold Extreme performance ddr500 at 3-4-4-8, and that's a choice I wouldn't have been able to make without your help.
  3. Wow, thanks for the fast replies guys. I know, I need to make a sig for my system, and as soon as I get it all built and running, I will do so. Heatsink? No, not in this machine. I'll be using a whitewater cpu block, among other things to cool it. The 7800 gtx? Yeah, it's not the high end, but realistically untill the code gets optomized for multi-gpu apps a bit more, I'll stick with it. It's more than I need, as I've been getting by on a 7300 gs for the last 6 months(yeah, i know, ewww). The memory issue was my main concern, and I realize that I may end up losing the timing rates if I overclock(*ahem* FX 60), so I might as well look into some ddr 500...and if I'm going to have to lose the lights to do it, I might as well go ahead and buy OCZ gold while i'm at it. Let's face it, all i wanted from Corsair was the blinking stuff, so why not. Well, I'm off to spend a buttload, hehe. Thanks again everyone.
  4. Heya guys, just looking to see if anyone can see any glaring issues with my component list before I finalize my orders today. Just got my board in(UT nf4 SLI-DR expert) and the components I'm planning on using are as follows: AMD FX-60; no-brainer, should be no issues here 2x1GB corsair XMS DDR 433 2,3,3,6 OCZ GameXstream 700W psu; again, this should be a no brainer, as it's on the A list BFG Tech 7800 GTX OC 2x500GB Seagate Barra's 7200rpm, sata 2.0 If anyone sees any red flags here, Please drop a response, or if all looks ok, tell me, hehe. This will be my first DFI build, and I'm looking forward to being a part of this unique enthusiest community! Thanks all Nathan Jackson Uncommon Network Solutions
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