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  1. Eh, I gotta say guys, the G15 is a lot of fun, and good for more than games. Same thing with the Belkin Nostromo. I use the other functions of both in Brice and Autocad all the time. Setting up a Nostromo as a macro pad for Autocad actually makes drafting a breeze. And using LCD Studio 2 with a G15 gives you alot of control over information displayed. Pretty much anything Windows can access, you can display how you want to. Maybe this does make me a true geek. Good. Football is for homunculus mongoloids anyways.
  2. With a good fan, the Ultra 120 extreme is unbeatable. At 3.5g's I hit around 45C peak load.
  3. I agree. The main reason is that most likely, the 45nm cpu's will be in the 775 socket, and compatible with a few of the current board options. And to get better performance out of a C2, all you need to do is up the FSB and drop the multiplier to keep it close to stock speeds. You don't have to jack the volts and clock like crazy to get a decent performance increase.
  4. Those Crucials are very good. I'd also have to throw one out for Buffalo Firestix, available at Directron for $104.99. At 2.3v with a fan array on them, they can do 3-3-3-8, 2T, 800. I'd say the Crucials could do the same.
  5. Yeah, if you're getting errors on both sticks, it's probably both low voltage and incorrect timings. Whereas both sticks could be bad, it's highly unlikely. I've never gotten a totally screwed kit before, and I build a lot of machines.
  6. That's decent stuff. I like both Buffalo Firestix 800 kit and the Crucial Ballistix 800 kit, as both are Micron D9 IC's. I've run my Firestix at 1125, 5-5-5-15 and 800 3-3-3-8, which seems to be 5-10% faster for me. Firestix are $105 shipped from Directron.com, and the Ballistix are $109 shipped from Newegg.com. Both companies have butt-kicking tech support and are great to work with. The only thing I'll mention is that if you run either kit at 2.3v, you need to have a cooler on the ram, like a Dominator fan array. And no, the 680i's no longer kill ram at 2.3v in the P30 bios, so no worries.
  7. It's a Dell re-brand, so I have no idea who the OEM is. I thought it was an XFX, but I'm not thinking so anymore...
  8. That's one thing I have noticed, the 680i seems to want higher vcores at 400+. My cpu requires 1.6125 to do 3.5G. Anyone else get around the same numbers?
  9. Rather I would have posted some pics of graph paper reflection...but some jerk bought the lapped E4300 off of me(j/k). I may be getting a chance to lap a cpu for knopflerbruce though, so if that's the case, I'll get some pics up.
  10. Likewise, I've had fantastic luck with my 775 680i, and a friend of mine that runs the EVGA version is very happy with it. As for tech support...who here actually has gotten a useful answer out of tech support in the last year??
  11. Heh, you got a point there. It's alot like doing thermal load tests outside of the case. You get some good baseline data, but you still have no idea how it'll perform in it's permanent environment.
  12. Sorry about being slow here, having issues with a C1 error, and I haven't had time to fix it. This weekend looks better, though.
  13. Check to see if both sticks memtest clean at the same time. I've seen this when a kit isn't well-matched. Both sticks test out fine on their own, but put em together and you'll get errors. Sometimes a physical change on one stick doesn't make it fail on it's own, but it no longer matches up to the other one well enough. Run a full cycle of memtest while in dual-channel and tell us what happens.
  14. Bump, prices dropped on some things and new deals offered.
  15. Good deal, Dan. I'm still working on a data sheet myself, so it'll be interesting to compare information.
  16. The only reason alot of folks won't take 2 kits and use them is that the overclocking becomes much more difficult with 4x512MB. Other than that, BH-5 is great stuff. Just remember to feed it lots of volts, and it'll be happy.
  17. True that. I'm excited to see the next step in memory, but it's far too expensive until it becomes the standard to play with, IMO.
  18. Well...to say that the math is non-applicable is to say that timings are meaningless. I'm not claiming that it's 100% accurate, but there is a correlation between timing changes and speed differences. I'm not just posting to see my own name in text, after all, and I wouldn't post something like my math if I wasn't reasonably sure I was on to something. Yeah, I'm not exactly sure if the math is correct. Technodan and I are going to do some benchmarking to see if what I think is even remotely correct. By the numbers, it makes perfect sense but...matters are seldom as simple as they seem. We'll post our findings when we've got a decent cross-section to work with. I'm not saying you're wrong, but if you're going to say I am, please be prepared to back it up. And I mean that. If I'm wrong, I want to know so I can figure out how and where, and get a formula that does work. I'm not going to cling to a false belief just because I've always thought that it was right before, hehe.
  19. Not a bad idea! I'll play with my machine a bit and see what I can find out as well. This is information that needs to be posted anyways, and I think it'd be of use to a lot of OC'ers.
  20. Just to compare this stuff and a kit running at 3-3-3-8. 2T @800... 8-8-8-24-2=50/3-3-3-8-2=16=212.5% decrease. 1866/800=133.25% increase. -212.5%+133.25%= a net loss of 79.25% in speed. This doesn't take into account the secondary timings.
  21. Well, let's do the math here. ddr 800/1100= 37.5% improvement. 3-3-3-8-2=16/4-4-4-12-2=22= 37.5% loss. By my numbers, 3-3-3-8 800 and 4-4-4-12 1100 at 2T should perform exactly the same. The thing that I think makes the difference here is that 800, your secondary timings will be lower than at 1100, which should give you a slight advantage. Sorry Dan, I'm not trying to crap on you here, I've just done a lot of memory work with DDR2 recently along this line of thinking, and it seems to be true most of the time for me. Am I missing something, or am I on the right track with this?
  22. Hmmm...I'll play around with it some more. I'd hate to lose this beast. It's big, but it performs.
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