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  1. I don't see why you couldn't use the other PCI slots. The slots for SLI are just for the graphics so the other PCI slots should work with any other PCI hardware you want to install.
  2. Glad to hear that everything turned out ok for you.
  3. Usually when you change your thermal paste the temps usually at first will be higher until the paste burns in. What thermal paste did you use when you changed the fans?
  4. I installed a Raid0 Array when I installed my operating system when I got this MB. The problem I am having is what do I have to install to monitor the Raid0 array from my desktop? In my programs there is Silicon Image SATARAID5 but it doesn't seem to monitor my array. I have the SATA drives connected to #3 and #4 on the MB but can't find a way to monitor them. All help will be appreciated.
  5. Thanks for letting me know. I wonder if there is going to be some kind of fix for it in the future?
  6. I just built my new system with the expert MB and a opteron 148. I have it to [email protected] and the idle temp is 25c and the teemp at 100% is 39c. That is with air cooling. I have Corsair TwinX XMS PC3200 and have put it to 100mhz to keep it from stopping the OC but no matter what I do I can't get it any higher than this. I have tried the X10 multiplier but I can only get it to 294FSB. Does anyone know what would be the timings for these ram. I used A64 to get the timings but as soon as I put them in the BIOS I get the BSOD. NEW SYSTEM Expert MB w/Opteron 148 @ 268x11 Zalman CNPS9500 Corsair PC3200 TwinX2048 XMS C2PT EVGA GeForce 7900GT KO 2 WD 80GB-Raid0 PSU OCZ PowerStream 520W
  7. OK that's what I was thinking but just wanted to confirm it. I figured that if I uninstall the crd that it would be wise to uninstall the drivers too just to make sure that the drivers were fresh just for the new card. Thanks again!
  8. I am switching cards on my main rig (in sig) and I know I have to go into device manager and click on display adapters and uninstall my card but do I have to uninstall the drivers too? Won't the same drivers work on the 7950GT KO? In case you are wondering I am going to build another DFI rig and put the 7900GT KO in it.
  9. I Fiqured out what I am doing. I just ordered another DFI Expert MB and I'm putting a 148 Venus in it to OC. Plus I'm putting a EVGA 7950GT KO in the MB in my sig and putting the EVGA 7900GT KO in the new one. Since DFI has the best MB's for OCing it is the logical choice for me to do. Time to retire my MSI MB.
  10. Then I'll just put the Opteron in my backup system and replace the 3200+ I have in it. I can always overclock it in that MB. I have the 3200+ OCed in it to 2.64Ghz on air cooling and the VCore set on Auto because that is the only option I have for it in the BIOS. So I'll just have to see what the Opteron can do in it.
  11. I can only get 2.6 out of the 4400+ so I'm moving it to another MB I have and putting the Opteron in this DFI MB hoping I can get a better OC out of it.
  12. I have a question for you knowledgeable people here on the street. I have a X2 4400+ in my MB right now and I just ordered a Opteron 148 Venus to replace it. What I want to know is do I just take the old CPU out and put the new one in then use the jumper to reset the BIOS? I have 3 different BIOS settings saved so I don't know if that means anything or not.
  13. I guess i'll just keep using just the 1 card since this card runs everything in High Quality with no problems. Thanks guys for all the info and I would like to say that it seems that DFI Forums do a better job of completly answering questions and you also have the answers faster than any other out there. I belong to 4 other forums and this by far is the best. Keep up the great work guys!!
  14. That's why I asked first. My card is the GT I know that for sure and I had no idea about any of the things that I asked. Thanks for helping me out I appreciate it. I thought the KO was supposed to be a super clocked card but I guess the friend that told me that had it wrong. Thanks again.
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