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  1. It says the timings right on newegg: Cas Latency 2.5 Timing 2.5-3-3-6 Voltage 2.6V-2.75V Am I missing something? If those don't work, try relaxing them a bit.
  2. Try holding the insert key before you turn on the PC? This used to work, haven't tried it in awhile.
  3. It's cable modem and cat5 cable yes. No router is involved. It happens ONLY on this machine. Both LAN ports have the problem. I don't have nvidia active shield installed and windows firewall is disabled. I have tried it from 2 different ISP's and using Wired/Wireless and it only happens from this machine.
  4. So since no one really said anything, I decided to reinstall windows. Still the same issue. Happens on this computer and not any other. Is this a board problem? I don't think this even qualifies for an RMA but I cant have this issue since this rig is used for gaming. Anything would be helpful.Thanks!
  5. No clue, they are the first bath of EB RAM that came out and I believe OC a lot better than the new stuff. I can't tell the chips because I don't want to void the warranty.
  6. Modem only has driver's if I hook it up via USB. I use ethernet.
  7. Maybe I should say the setup too. It's a cable modem connection that goes directly to the PC from the modem. No router is installed. This problem occurs whether the system is overclocked or not. I've also searched through and it seems this issue is never solved if a user is experiencing it. Odd.
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