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  1. OK using Sharps setings I got lots of errors. Using Lowboys settings I got 16 errors over 2 passes. So quite an improvement. I did try Sharps settings with memory set at 170Mhz and the first pass was clear the 2 nd pass only had 2 errors.
  2. OK my other memory has errors too Could it be a problem with the memory controller on the chip? If yes is there any way of checking it?
  3. OK memtest found 49 errors!! :eek: I'm just letting it do pass 2 then I'll try with my other 2 modules of Ballistix. It's strange that the memory passes memtest ok in my wifes rig. Will post up what happens with my other memory.
  4. A quick question before trying this but why do I need the HD and floppy power connectors plugged into the board? I run them off my PSU at the moment. Will this make a difference?
  5. I'm having problems getting my memory to run in dual channel and stable. I put the modules in slots 2 and 4 and it will work OK for a while then the PC will freeze and I need to reboot. I tried running prime95 and it ran for about 2 minutes before getting errors. If I put the modules in slots 1 and 2 then they run in single channel and at only 166Mhz and 2T but they will run prime for 13+hours with no problems. ? I've also got a problem with slot #3. If I put any module in this slot then the PC won't even post. The diagnostic LED's at the bottom of board stop at 3 lit and nothing else happens. I've put the memory in my wife's PC and run memtest and prime with no problems with memory at full speed and I've put my CPU in hers with my memory and again it worked fine. I RMA'd the board to where I bought it and got it back a week later with a note telling me there was nothing wrong and they had charged me £20. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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