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  1. did a fresh install and all is working perfectly... thanks for the help, everyone above
  2. hello again... just to let you know i have installed the Corsair PSU but this did not help the OCZ RAM... so i bought some Corsair XMS RAM and this works great, except from my system now does not always boot on first go, but on second :S i.e. i usually get the initial boot beep, but this does not always happen and it just does not go anywhere... until i restart... any ideas? thanks again.
  3. i will read up on that, thanks i did have the Enermax Liberty 500W but it shutdown my system every 10 mins so i got a refund (i forgot to update sig, sorry!!) I have recently bought a Corsair HX 520W (not installed yet) so HOPEFULLY that will help. thanks again,
  4. i have tried removing the hard disk, and still nothing... what are these secondary timings? and how do i change them? thanks again
  5. i have run memtest on both sticks and they are both okay... so it has to be a motherboard issue. i will try setting the timings in the BIOS manually... what else could this be?
  6. i have just updated my BIOS to 04/06... im not sure at all how to use Memtest86... i have enabled it and its running, but how do i enable these specific tests #5 and #8 to run? thanks again...
  7. I had exactly the same problems with my Crucial Ballistix RAM (i posted before, but still couldnt get it working)... My computer would either get to the stage where it loads windows or the stage before loading windows and reboot. with both my Crucial Ballistix and OCZ 2 x 1GB Platinum memory. I tried editing timings etc in the BIOS but still no success... I tried my new OCZ ram in my work computer and i got (after about 30 mins use) " An attempt was made to write to read-only memory. " on a BSOD. Then after that i tried again and the system just rebooted without BSOD. Also tried the Crucial ballistix and all was fine. Could my new ram be botched? am i able to run memtest using the builtin one on my Ultra-D even tho my machine does not boot fully? Are DFI nF4 mobos just picky about RAM? (i had the ballistix running okay on my old nF3 board) Thanks in advance...
  8. i have never replaced the CMOS battery, this problem has only started occuring since i reset the CMOs myself, using CMOS jumpers.
  9. quick question... on the odd occassion my mobo gets a message saying something like "has loaded default BIOS setting, due to CMOS error" or something similar... and resorts to loading all the default settings. this can happen once in a while, then it will be fine for a few weeks or so... would this mean the motherboards CMOS/BIOS is damaged? thanks in advance. matt
  10. http://www.enermax.co.uk/products/psu/libe...500AWT/spec.asp there is the link to its specs... i have read many time through the PSU guide and saw the Enermax Liberty 600W was there, but I have not got that much spare money, so i thought the 500W should be cooshdy... would that be okay for my system? and last me a few years before the need to upgrade? it has dual 12v rails 22A per rail 32A combined... i take it thats okay? thanks a lot...
  11. Output Voltage +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 +12V3 -12V +5Vsb Max. Load 23A 17A 17A 17A 17A 0.8A 0.5A thats the rails etc for the 500W one i have... should they be alright? or should i return and get 550W? thanks for the replies
  12. does the PSU work okay with the DFI mobos? i have an DFI LP nF4 Ultra-d and i have read several places (googles + search function) that have plenty problems and some working okay? anyone here have this combo? and its working okay? or anyone know this is a pants combo? thanks a lot. would getting a Hiper or Tagan PSU be better? its just ive ordered the Neo and can cancel if needed. I have had a look at the DFI recommended list and I have and Antec now and not had any problems.
  13. Hello, I have had a problem trying to the run my Crucial Ballistix RAM in dual channel mode (they run cooshdy in single channel mode but causes system to reboot constantly in dual channel)... I have read in these forums that adjusting the settings for the RAM in the BIOS might solve the issue with running dual channel? if this is the case what should I adjust my settings to? Thanks a lot, spec in sig
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