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  1. correct position would be .... fan is front of PC ... while metal part is back facing exhaust fan .... but it also depend on what board you have ... mines expert
  2. thats not a big fan ... get a 250mm side fan ... or heck one front , one side
  3. better grab the ddr1 fast, they going up in price ... my one stick was 130 off egg ... _ - _
  4. well , there is a first for everything, I got my pc built and learn how to OC here ... took me a good month or so to learn basics , and 60-100 hours worth of testing, trial and error ... just leaving my PC on for dual prime was a whole day long ... on just one configuration , but its a learning process
  5. wow , i never knew 10 more c kill that much life of my cpu i am idling at 2.55 n at 24c* (at least what mbm5 tells me) I need some opinion since i am on air cooling and will not switch to water .... if i OC higher ... like 2.6-2.7 ... how long will my cpu last? I would like for it to live at least 3 years
  6. I have same xms ram as initial poster ... I found it a lil odd his ram only does 208.3 I am at 233 on mine dual prime okay for me
  7. i've seen places that sell a whole side panel with 250mm fan .... like the TT side panel
  8. even with 64pro ... your temps are hot ... <-- 1.35v with special 110% my dual prime temps are 41-43c update .... if chipset at 57c ... is a lil hot for me ... but then again i got evercool twinkler and it max @ 40's while dual prime
  9. different programs tend to give off different reading, i use mbm5 , core temp and smart guardian .... i tend to trust mbm5 readings , since its a balance of the other readings .,, kinda like a middle ground
  10. I have Expert board ... facing front ... so airflow to back exhaust <- [ X ] <-- { {x] <-[ [X] (Rear) (64Pro) (Icage) 120mm 92mm 120mm
  11. dude, did you use AS5 with your new evercool .... i know i did droped chipset from 40-41 to 34-35 ... so it kinda worked for me I used MBM5 If you did use AS5 , give it some time .... takes a while like up to 20 + hours or so for stuff to start workin down the temps
  12. kaisyo

    America's Army

    i used to play it .... but my problem is ... once i get killed i have to wait till end of round which could take as long as 10-15 mins. _ - _ ....
  13. sorry ... did not notice about usb issue... I saw a catalogue that came to the our agency from headsets.com .... sweet looking headsets... but pricing is high .... for home use anyways
  14. My cheap mod was ... a antec 80mm fan ... bolted onto a L bracket .. then i bolt the L braket to where my HD would sit near the bottom of case bolted at a 45* angle.... blows chipset exhaust toward back exhaust
  15. i use icage ... got it for 15 off the egg .. but be warned .. the fan is a lil loud ... spins at 1300 rpm .. 17 db or so ....
  16. kaisyo

    Bf 2142

    I agree with Happy_Games .... no wide-screen = my money goes else where could be another fan or fan attachment or just more chinese takeout .. IF there is wide-screen for my resolution (1680x 1050) then i'll grab a copy be it battlefield 2469 or whatever
  17. your temps .... it seems the upper part of your PC is hella hot (your lighting ?) compare to bottom part ... chipset / gpu I run dual prime and my temps are like 41-43c* fans on auto I know people who OC mess with voltage and up it hella mines 1.35 + 110% ...
  18. well ... the next best thing is take a power drill ... do some drilling... 3 80mm fans on top to move warm air upward
  19. saw a question about fan for your 5.25 drive bay ... ever heard of " i cage " ... also made by tt
  20. ever consider a 250mm side case fan, you can have it as instake or flip it around and have it as exhaust
  21. wow ... i never hard a HD die on me ... been thru 4 computers ... my first be back in 96 ( my grade school days )
  22. its not just about intake and exhaust ... its also about how your air flows you don't wanna make a whirlwind in there ... I got 2 intake ... front bottom blows to a fan inside which blows up .. blows hot exhaust from chipset up to exhaust in rear .. other instake(icage) blow air into 64pro which helps blow air out back cpu 26 (less than 1k rpm freezerpro64) pwmic 29 (1300 rpm Tt 120 fan) chipset 33 (2k rpm on evercool) HD 22 (1300 rpm Tt 120fan on icage) Gpu 43 (cuz i got cheap and bought vf700 rather than vf900)
  23. first of all you sure your ultra D board will recognize all your ram ... cuz when you upgrade ypu'll have 4gbs ... I know expert board can do it ... not sure about ultra-d
  24. lol .... problem with expert board ... my first one had problem cuz i used speedfan my new one runs good ... only use mbm5 now ..
  25. dude, speed down , set ldt to 4 to get your HT closer to 1000 my 4400 runs okay @ 2.6 .. but higher i fail dual prime ... you might wanna try a lower speed
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