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  1. It will deliver, but as JonnyGuru points out, its only really got one rail, spread over three virtual rails.
  2. Hmm ok I see. So the majority of problems in the past have been from a crappy PSU? Makes sense now .
  3. Is there an actual 'official' statement from DFI engineers... because there is no mention of this 'requirement' on the DFI website. What if someone buys a DFI board because of brand preference and doesn't overclock?
  4. Can someone explain this 480W+ PSU requirement thing... because DFI NF4 motherboards are just like any other NF4 motherboard right? Since they use the same chipset, I don't see how that means you require another 80W compared to other motherboards... Even davidhammock says that wattage ratings are useless... what matters is the amps. Wouldn't it be much easier to recommend PSUs with a certain amount of amps on the 12V rail?
  5. Hmm great thread. Optomization - spelling mistake. Sorry but I had to point it out - it was sticking out like a sore thumb.
  6. rofl. After two PMs and 11 posts you finally welcome me to DFI-Street xD. But yes I agree Super Flower sounds pretty yum cha but if it comes out of the Enermax factory then its all good. Brisbane and Auckland heh but you end up on the other side of the world. My parents are from Hong Kong, and I too have ended up on the other side of the world. Oh yeah is it just me or is this server like randomly screwing over? At times I can't get the damn page to load up oO
  7. Oh yeah and here's a Super Flower PSU reviewed at Dansdata
  8. Yeah they did pass a MemTest that I did earlier. BW = Bandwidth. I know there is big incompatibility, but a MemTest and several CPU Burn in runs prove that this particular kit runs fine (at stock). I want to find out how low the voltage can so then I can burn it in. By forcing the CPU to run at a lower voltage I can make it run more efficiently at higher speeds. Read here and also here. Super Flower power supplies are made by Topower. I am in Australia, so most of the PSUs in the recommended list can't be purchased here (unless I go through online shop and then pay hefty postage, and if its a dud then I'm screwed). Also my budget constraints won't allow me to get an Antec (which are available here). I've personally reviewed this PSU myself, and others have found it to be a good PSU too. It provides a full 30A on the 12V rail, and from my soundcard tests I can conclude that the rails are clean. Oh yeah and I'm trying to get my hands on some PQI Turbo stuff. Happy?
  9. Hmm okies I'll do that, but first lemme see how low voltage this chip can stand . Also, I know that there are three types(?) of BIOS -1,-2,-3 - whats the difference between these and how do they improve compatibility/BW/etc?
  10. lol alrighty hmm. Damn email notification wasn't quick enough. BIOS Flashing yes I'm familiar with it. 100% stable well I'll run two instances of SuperPI 32M for ya? Proper clear CMOS procedure... lets see Standard 24 Hour No I don't have any problems at the moment, I'm currently undervolting my Toledo at the moment xD. I'm trying to achieve 3Ghz, along with the guys here (we all have chips from the same week, probably same batch too). Yes I know not to use WinFlash, I read earlier about how this guy had to get a new board/send chip for reflash. Oh yeah, I was wondering if Tony's would increase stability/overclocking thats all . But I've also read that Dual Cores are only happy with 06/23+?
  11. First post, simple question. Should I use OCZ Tony's 07/04-2BTA or something else?
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