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  1. I just did this last night. On the old PC, go to Outlook/File/Import and Export, highlight Export to a file, NEXT, Highlight Personal Folder File (.pst), NEXT, Click "Include subfolders" and highlight Personal Folders, NEXT, Click Browse, the Outlook file in the body is the one you want to right click on and copy to a folder or send it to a CD drive to transfer to the new computer. On the new computer: copy the file to My Documents, go to Outlook/File/Import and Export and highlight Import from another program or file, NEXT, Highlight Personal Folder File (.pst), NEXT, Browse to My Documents and click on the Outlook file, NEXT. That should to it. It worked for me with Outlook 2003. Good Luck, Mike
  2. So that's where it went! Your welcome but kill it if you like. Mike
  3. I guess a good side effect of lower power consumption and heat is quieter cooling.
  4. He He, Holy Cow I scrolled down and caught that first sentance and wanted to shoot myself. Thanks
  5. The question is simply, 4400+ or 4400+(89W)? I'm going to buy one of these tomorrow to replace the FX55. Not going to OC
  6. Thanks, Let me state, I have pleanty of power and cooling for either. Other than heat and power consumption does one perform better that the other? Mike
  7. I'm running a FX55 in a spare rig, I want to get a Two Core to put in it's place while they are still available. The rig is not for OC, just a back up I'll end up passing on to a family member as I upgrade. Should I get the (89W) or not? Thanks, Mike
  8. UMMMMMMMMMMMM, not to defend EVGA but I bought mine after reading the reviews at Newegg and the recomendations there to get a Zalman Vf900 cooler. I'm quite happy with my quiet setup. Mike
  9. you'll learn a lot more at the AVS Forum. http://www.avsforum.com/
  10. Keep in mind that a 20.1" standard Dell screen is 16"x12", the 24" wide is 19.2"x12" and the 30" is 25.6"x16". The 20" wide screen is not as tall as the standard screen but is wider. The 30" is where you gain more heigth on the other screens. I turned my 20.1 inch display sideways next to my 30" to extend the screen. Get the 30", it will blow you away! Mike
  11. Thanks for the link, I just installed Vista 32 bit on top of XP on my spare (RAID) PC. To finally get it to install I ended up doing a clean install of XP, did not register or load any drivers just switched to the Vista disk after the first boot. Mike
  12. 1600x1024, extra large fonts, 120 DPI on the 30" screen.
  13. I never compared them cooling on the same rig but they look like a similar design. The SI-128 is easier to install with a clip on the existing CPU cooler mount. No fan included and the wire clips to hold the fan on seem cheap but do the job. I had to mount the Typhoon with the MB out of the rig, it does not use the existing cooler mount only the bottom plate on the back of the MB. It screws on to the MB plate and the fan also screws on. The Typhoon seems like a sturdier setup but in the end when you close the case either one does the job.
  14. I have a Big Typhoon on my sig rig running a 800 rpm fan and a SI-128 on a second rig, either one is a winner. I run at 37c. with the CPU at 2.6ghz.
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