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  1. This was precisely It!!!! I did some searching on the net, came across another forum where the guy turned off his Nvidia Active Armour firewall and just used the windows firewall and voiala! No more corruption. Weird huh? You would think Nvidia would have fixed that by now.....
  2. I dont know what it is....my downloads keep getting corrupted if i download through a webserver. Ex. Download.com - limewire...cannot install because its corrupt Kaspersky anti-v - corrupt...please download again Edonkey/emule - just fine Im going nuts......everything I download through a webserver is corrupt. This just happened today. Im using the NV ethernet jack, not the marvel Using Nforce 6.86 drivers
  3. i just uped the voltage to the ram by .1 and it seems stable now....but software might be corrupt now because Serious Sam 2 is giving me serious artifacts..???
  4. The "turn on by keyboard" option was not working...which i use a lot because its not easy for me to reach and hit the power button on the case...so i figured I would update the bios and see if it that problem was fixed.
  5. I just updated the bios on the ULTRA-D to the lates 4/6, and after a few minutes within the windows environment All i get are BSOD's. Ill be surfin the web on IE6, and I click on "Favorites" to add a site to favorites, and i got BSOD. I opened up word, and got BSOD I read my email in outlook, I get BSOD. Before the new bios update, everything was STABLE for over 2 weeks. I updated teh bios with Winflash checking off update all and clear CMOS. I have set the "optimized defaults" in bios as well as tried my own custom settings........nothing stops those damned bsods. Any thoughts?
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